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  1. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    after reading up to page 32. Deciding to skip ahead. It may have been mentioned in the later pages. Some really want the high package to be avail in the BD for the 12" screen. In my preference, i would love to have the signature LED headlamps, unfortunately it is not even an option, that i can...
  2. First Look: 2021 Bronco Antimatter Blue and Iconic Silver + 2 Door Cactus Gray

    The Antimatter is DARK, the blue is primarily hinted on the A-Pillar, HOWEVER, this could be a mock-up recipe for the whole vehicle looks like a mockup. The headlights, bumper and opaque black windscreen are the clues.
  3. To Rubberized/Vinyl or not, that is the question?

    Ford site calls it "Rubberized Flooring", however, my opinion generated from the marketing image of these floors. It looks to me as a vacuum/thermoform(cost effective manufacturing process), or a roto-molded part. Quite large. Then the drain plug assembly inserted above with a o-ring/gasket in...
  4. Anyone planning on 2” factory lift kit from Ford Performance Parts for their Bronco?

    Bored at home, and thinking about the 2" lift. Wondered what Sasquatch wheels would look like without the added two inches. I just eyeballed a 2" drop in photoshop. Also changed the windscreen frame to white, and a black paint framing the side windows. Went with clear side markers too.
  5. Bronco6G Live Reveal Viewing Party (With Giveaways)! 🥳

    Who in their right mind will read these posts while the stream is on!?

    A little color change in photoshop while the timer counts down.
  7. Leaked: Ford Bronco Family Silhouette Teaser (First Top Off Look)!

    Using this post to highlight (what may have been mentioned before already). Roof Part Lines between Forward seats and rear seats. Additionally another vertical part line behind the rear most side windows.....and yet another parallel to floor above rear most side windows and rear window. As...
  8. Spied: Uncovered 2-door Bronco and Bronco Sport in the wild from overhead

    1st time posting, lurker since beginning of the year. I think the drone like image is real. Whether the image was deliberately run through a sharpen & blurring session in Photoshop has some validity.. Anyway, i scrutinized the image to add some part lines in PS above Bronco. My...