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  1. irv0735

    NM Dealerships

    I have my reservation currently with Power Ford as well, but haven't even begun to talk to them about pricing. Once the build and price is released I'll be building and then asking them what the price will be in relation to invoice. If they don't give me a number below invoice in writing...
  2. irv0735

    4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    By "real world", do you mean the U.S. market? Not trying to hate on your comment, but turbo diesels are the normal in much of the world. They are reliable and the torque is fantastic for getting around rough terrain. That said, in the US where everyone is in a much bigger hurry and emissions...
  3. irv0735

    Cash Vs Bank

    It's interesting how the psychological factor plays a role for so many people. If you take the question to a financial advisor, looking at it analytically, there is a clear recommendation that they will give you. However, so many people have different risk tolerance levels and apparently...
  4. irv0735

    I hope Ford is listening.

    You are entitled to your opinion on the product, I just wanted to clarify that getting upset at engineers in this case does not do any good. If you don't like what Ford is bringing to market, don't buy it. I have a feeling the people making the decisions you are upset with are not going to mind...
  5. irv0735

    I hope Ford is listening.

    Careful with your wording... From what I have seen so far, the engineers have executed what they were asked to very well. Engineers are provided use cases to satisfy. They are not in charge of the budget or defining which options are available in conjunction with each other. There is a...
  6. irv0735

    Get Badlands or go with lower trim + aftermarket parts?

    On my 2017 sprinter...but that's a commercial vehicle and admittedly they changed it in 2018 and the factory option is now really nice. Haha
  7. irv0735

    Exclusive 6+ Minutes of Bronco Badlands Rock Crawling Action on Rubicon Trail

    Here is another short video from the Rubicon trail.
  8. irv0735

    Pics: Bronco Battle Scars From Completing Rubicon Trail

    If you're going rock crawling, check your ego at the trail-head... If you don't, you will break things or worse. I understand your point... Ford giving it the GOAT name definitely opens the door for people to give you a hard time. Just laugh with them... You are meant to smile while driving...
  9. irv0735

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    That is nothing like what I was expecting! I honestly thought this was a feature that no one would really care about and it wouldn't get a lot of attention. I do see a potential for this to go the path of the jumping Raptor resulting in some totaled units, but hey I'll be parked up on the...
  10. irv0735

    Colorado Springs

    If our deliveries happen to be the same day, we can have a Bronco caravan back!
  11. irv0735

    Cash Vs Bank

    There are many different philosophies so I won't argue with anyone on what is right or wrong. Also, people are in all different types of situations, so what might be right for one person may not be for another. Ideally, you are able to afford the purchase in full. That doesn't mean you have to...
  12. irv0735

    Why is a Hard top Comes with the 2 door and not the 4 door?

    😂🤣 I could use a good adrenaline rush from something like that... Maybe even get famous for being in a movie!
  13. irv0735

    Drone footage of 2021 Bronco at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    Pretty sure it was the 2.3 that we got the sound clips/videos from while it was there...
  14. irv0735

    Why is a Hard top Comes with the 2 door and not the 4 door?

    6'7" here and going 2 door. I won't be sleeping in the Bronco... That's what tents are for.
  15. irv0735

    Granger Ford - Courtesy Delivery Answers

    This thread is designed to state the difference between a standard delivery (vehicle delivered by Ford to the dealer you ordered the vehicle through) vs. the "courtesy" delivery where the vehicle never touches the lot of the dealer you ordered through and is instead sent by Ford directly to an...
  16. irv0735

    Dealership telling me to set an order appointment next week?

    I don't even think a dealer can cap the number of reservations they get... If you call Ford and change dealers (remember we now know this can be done one time before Oct. 31st), Ford makes the change without contacting the dealer to confirm they want it... They inform the dealer they have a new...
  17. irv0735

    Compare Models Link

    Are you sure it was "no". I'm not getting my hopes up and probably won't get Sasquatch anyway, since I'm going Badlands and can easily get wheels/tires later... but it seems to me every time this question is asked the answer is the cryptic "we're listening and we hear you" response...
  18. irv0735

    sasquatch + snow

    I've found a quality All Terrain and 4 wheel drive is usually good enough. A 2 wheel drive or low clearance AWD vehicle benefits significantly from true snow tires, but I run K02's all year-round in the Rocky Mountains without any issues. Of course it goes without saying that you still have to...
  19. irv0735

    How about an FX4 package?

    FX4 doesn't include the 4x4, but it is a requirement to have optioned the truck with 4x4 to qualify for the FX4 package. Just a minor clarification...
  20. irv0735

    Looking for reservation yet..

    You must be new here.... 100% wrong. Only way a dealer will have one on the lot is if someone that has reserved and configured backs out when it arrives. Some people just don't understand that this new process is not the same as it has been historically. Man... I'm so glad to be single...