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  1. pan-y-cerveza

    Are roof leaks common on these types of cars?

    I had a 1996 F150 that had a leaky roof. Anything can leak.
  2. pan-y-cerveza

    Official Grill (Cooking outside) Thread!

    Anytime I smoke anything I throw a shoulder or two on. So easy, makes great leftovers, and freezes well. Tacos, pizza, breakfast... Mmmm
  3. pan-y-cerveza

    Official Grill (Cooking outside) Thread!

    Just plucked some corn and tomatoes out of the back garden for a little smoked salsa as well.
  4. pan-y-cerveza

    Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    Let's also not forget either that commercial airplanes are designed to be flown by professional pilots.... Not Terry and Karen who slept through their driving training 4 decades ago.
  5. pan-y-cerveza

    Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    Pissed because they didn't put the tires you want on the Bronco and didn't put the modes, that no one knows exactly what it does on the Bronco yet, in the truck you want? I mean....they are in the business of making money.... Not making the exact truck every single potential customer wants.
  6. pan-y-cerveza

    Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    Pissed at Ford. Buys a Ford. That's sticking it to 'em.
  7. pan-y-cerveza

    Ontario ford dealers

    As a customer I definitely read it differently than you. We already know [other than the FE which wasnt available to us anyway] that there aren't any limited production runs of certain models. Maybe Im reading it wrong, and this won't be my dealer anyway so it doesn't matter, but it doesn't...
  8. pan-y-cerveza

    Trail Turn Assist demonstrated with Bronco Sasquatch 4-Door

    I'll go way out on a limb and say that it works on both sides.
  9. pan-y-cerveza

    Ontario ford dealers

    Good grief. I hope you sent them a link to the forum so they can get educated on their product.
  10. pan-y-cerveza

    Vinyl seats in daily driver

    Right. I don't get all the questions like this is a brand new thing. Motorcycles, tractors, quads, boats, etc all have vinyl seats. They all get used in hot and cold places. Go check some out....if you like them and it works for you go for it. Like pretty much everything debated on this...
  11. pan-y-cerveza

    Ontario ford dealers

    Hometown Ford. Seems like a no BS dealer so far. From their email to me when I inquired: "At Hometown Ford, you can rest assured we never sell any of our vehicles above MSRP and we don’t charge any hidden or additional fees. We also don’t even have a finance office that will try and push you...
  12. pan-y-cerveza

    Official Grill (Cooking outside) Thread!

    Pork butt and beef ribs on the smoker this morning for my wife's birthday. Got up at 3:30am to get these going. Pork ribs going on around lunch probably.
  13. pan-y-cerveza

    Jeeps aggressive advertising

    I just got one of these ads. It comes in Velocity Blue.
  14. pan-y-cerveza

    Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    Same... I see post where folks are listing all the options they are going to add and am like :oops: I'm only looking at a hardtop, tow package, and maybe a roof rack and I'm worried about the price. The folks adding sasquatch, lux, and a bunch of other little things might be in for a...
  15. pan-y-cerveza

    Whats with the different tires Ford?

    It's a difference of 5/16ths. Ha. I'm not sure I care much. That's close enough to 32 for me.
  16. pan-y-cerveza

    Questions that don’t deserve their own thread thread

    This has probably been asked and answered but I can't find it....what is the grille material??
  17. pan-y-cerveza

    What’s after Moab?

    Dude... Goose Bay? You don't stand a chance. Ha. The Trans-Lab would be a cool place to run the Bronco though. It's high on my the Trans-Taiga and then the Trans-Lab on the long route back to my hometown in Nova Scotia.
  18. pan-y-cerveza

    What’s after Moab?

    Imagine being from Canada? Ha Ive come to terms with the fact that the first Bronco I see in person might be mine.
  19. pan-y-cerveza

    What will you first do after delivery?

    Between me and the dealership is nothing but gravel and farm roads. Rip those....get home... Pop the roof off and load the dogs up.
  20. pan-y-cerveza

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    I have literal holes rusted into my floors in my truck. Very little water, if any, gets in. I wouldn't be too concerned about water ingress through the plugs.