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  1. Cobra Jet

    Adding/changing Items a la carte AFTER PURCHASE & drain plug differences?

    In today’s Ford lingo usually “active” means the part is electronically automated via a switch... Are we sure that a Bronco’s “active” floor pan drains are not possibly going to be “activated” via a dash switch? :unsure:
  2. Cobra Jet

    Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    Has anyone configured a totally loaded “Base” and is able to determine an approximate price point yet?
  3. Cobra Jet

    SYNC 4 with Telenav will keep navigation & maps working even with no cell service

    I didn’t see it mentioned (unless I’ve missed it in another thread): Will Bronco Owners be able to enter in “favorite” trails that may not be currently “mapped” through the Telenav maps? For instance, some of us know of trails that are not really “mapped”, but are accessible. Would a user be...
  4. Cobra Jet

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    IMO, Ford should not have capped the “1st Edition” to 3,500 or the extended 7,500, but rather let people buy on demand. It’s not like they would not be able to support a greater inventory demand or not “build it”, the parts, pieces and colors are all there ready to be assembled. If someone...
  5. Cobra Jet

    Built in the USA-How important is it for you?

    Not a deciding factor. It may be tagged as “Built in the USA”, just as other vehicles, but the parts that will make it up are not all manufactured in the USA.
  6. Cobra Jet

    Would anyone want to see a Bronco with no removable parts?

    2020+ The new Explorer is nothing like the prior 2011-2019 platform as you have now referenced. Your prior statement didn’t call out the years - and hence my comment about 2020+. 🙃
  7. Cobra Jet

    New to Ford. Overall reliability and turbo engine expectations?

    As far as the 2.3 version: There’s a S550 M6G owner who has a EB Mustang with over 150k on it already - and has not had a single issue with reliability of the engine or turbo - nor has had any of the online ‘stories’ occur regarding internal coking or excessive carbon build up. He has...
  8. Cobra Jet

    Would anyone want to see a Bronco with no removable parts?

    LOL - what? The 2020+ Explorer is rear wheel drive... where are you getting your info?
  9. Cobra Jet

    Would anyone want to see a Bronco with no removable parts?

    So essentially .... the Explorer is what you want, which exists...
  10. Cobra Jet

    No Power Seat on 2 Door...?

    and then if they were full power - we’d hear the future complaints that “my power seat isn’t working after going through a 3ft river bed, a washout or mud hole with the doors off”... or “I hosed down my interior and the seats no longer work”... LOL!!
  11. Cobra Jet

    Will Bronco Fatigue Cost Ford Reservations?

    It’s a brand new model - that had a very large “want” which is what initially crashed their servers. These type of delays and setbacks are bound to happen when a brand new model is released that the public absolutely wants “immediately”. There is no way to predict the public’s reaction of a...
  12. Cobra Jet

    Anyone buying a new Bronco owned one in the past?

    Previously owned: 1987 5.0 AODE XLT White over Red, w/swing mirrors, manual 4x4 1994 5.0 E4OD XLT Dark Green over Gray cloth, auto 4x4 Also been a long time member over on FSB.
  13. Cobra Jet

    I had Gen 1 Bronco's- Anyone else?

    I like the original Classic Broncos, but have never owned a 1st Gen. Previous owner of a 1987 and 1994 FSB and still current member over on FSB where I posted quite a bit of tech. Those were great trucks with plenty of room and versatility (for what was available back then)... Those had plenty...
  14. Cobra Jet

    What’s everyone’s take on the Bronco Sport

    No interest. For me, it’s the classic “FSB” 2DB, no 4DB or 4DBS.
  15. Cobra Jet

    Create sub-forums for the different “door” models

    I think since now we know the different models: 2-door Bronco (2DB) 4-door Bronco (4DB) 4-door Bronco Sport (4DBS) Can we create those sub-forums (or something to that effect) so that when folks are discussing this or that Bronco model, it’s way easier for future owners to follow along and...
  16. Cobra Jet

    Removable hard top Vs. Modular hard top

    What is the weight of the 2-door Bronco roof cap and how many people does it take to remove it? Will Ford be selling a mechanical accessory for garages to remove and store the roof cap so a Bronco owner can just drive under it and reinstall?
  17. Cobra Jet

    How much aluminum?

    Will the metal body panels hold up to corrosion and not be a repeat of the S550 hoods (mind you where such corrosion has been an issue on many Ford’s since 2005+)?
  18. Cobra Jet

    Interior water intrusion questions

    Questions below are more in reference to the 2DB, rather than the 4DB or 4DSport. What is the Interior resistance to water intrusion with regards to the dash electronics and HVAC system? Meaning suppose an owner is out and about with no doors and no roof - gets caught in a storm (or...
  19. Cobra Jet

    What will the Ford Warranty cover with regards to “off roading”?

    Curious minds want to know.... What is the Ford Warranty going to cover with regards to “off roading” since Ford is promoting the Bronco‘s performance capabilities and advertising to the Public that the vehicle is designed and used for Off Roading (driving over rocks/boulders, driving through...
  20. Cobra Jet

    Will the 2 door rear seats be removable?

    I would imagine that the rear seat in the 2DB should be completely removable (Or able to be folded down as well) as it was in the prior Gen models.