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  1. Rustproofing / Undercoating Plans Post-Delivery?

    Isn’t the body aluminum of was that just a rumor?
  2. Sasquatch Package Available With Automatic Transmission Only [Sign Petition For It!]

    While we are at it we need the 2.7 EB with a manual and SQ. I want all that on my FE!
  3. 2021 Bronco Goodyear Wrangler tires will be custom and not bear "Wrangler" name on outboard side

    I will end up with Toyo MTs on my truck asap. I like them much better than nay goodyears I have ever owned.
  4. What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    Work for the government...use to make less people in the world. Now I manage people who do that.
  5. When will Bronco become a real threat to Jeep?

    I was looking at a JL if the bronco was a disappointment. I have an 07 Wrangler and have had multiple Cherokees and previous gen wranglers in the past. The thing with he JL rubicon I don't like is they have an axle disconnect in the front shaft for better fuel mileage. So that is a worry...
  6. First Edition Bronco Thread

    From what I saw u get the rubber floors with carpeted floor mats. Color is a different issue.
  7. delete

    First edition out testing?
  8. Ford Employee checking in. Let us know if you're still having issues reserving through website

    I got no email confirmation but when I log into my ford account (I own a 2019 F250) my reservation is in there. But is says I have reserved 2 even though there is only one showing.
  9. First Edition Bronco Thread

    I know the guy that runs the dealer I am using so no ADM for me. I don't know if they take X-Plan or will allow it but I doubt it would save me that much. I ordered the 4 door FE. I will get the orange more than likely.
  10. Images: 2021 Bronco Chassis, Undercarriage, Suspension, Transmission, Driveshaft, Differential, & More

    So the rear axle on the higher end models are the same ones the rubicon has? I wonder how we can switch this out to a Dana 60 and some sort of equivalent up front...not that there is anything wrong with a dana44...
  11. Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I think it reserved it the first time I got stuck in the system. So here’s to that I guess. Tried to select a 2dr but I guess ford had other plans for me!
  12. Anyone got a reservation? Getting stuck trying to get by . . .

    Not sure how ford doesn’t see this as bad PR. I guess this is part of their problem. Overall their online site and apps have always been crap. I wish they made those things as quality as my truck...
  13. Anyone got a reservation? Getting stuck trying to get by . . .

    This is another disappointment in fords ability to exist online. Why offer an online reservation system of u can’t make it work for people? Just stupid.
  14. Bronco $100 Reservation preparation (owners site account creation)

    well I guess they don't want my money. I wonder if they know how bad of PR this is for them that they can't keep a website up...
  15. Bronco $100 Reservation preparation (owners site account creation)

    Literally ford showing complete failure again. How hard is it to take 100 dollars from people? Come on ford.

    I assume this is the jeep with method wheels from an earlier post. If these doors came standard that would be awesome. I assume there is a latch in system for a puzzle piece to fit in there. I'm overall impressed with this look. It looks like 37"s and enough aftermarket stuff from the get go...
  17. Possible to get 2021 Bronco below MSRP?

    I would assume if you buy 100 shares of FORD you can get it at X-Plan. But that's all I would count on.
  18. Sunday Teaser Posted

    The third brake light also looks adjustable. That would be a great feature.