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  1. Ripcurl

    Can you walk away from your order next spring if not satisfied?

    I can see my dealer 'accidentally' selling my order for an upcharge when it comes in and trying to sell me hard on a Fusion
  2. Ripcurl

    Is roll bar going to be painted body color or black?

    Seen the orange one both ways too......guess we don't know at this point which is standard, or if there even will be an option choice since those were just prototypes
  3. Ripcurl

    ICYMI: Good look at 2 Door Bronco trunk size / cargo space

    I'm sure I'll havre an occasional "Oh shit, that won't fit moment" but I know that going in.....2DR looks like plenty of space for me and I prefer the look of it
  4. Ripcurl

    Sasquatch comes with matching spare or not?

    Agree, plus the cost of a fifth matching tire is minimal to a company like Ford when these are going in the $40,000+ range.......not a corner they would cut on a vehicle designed to be far out in the middle of nowhere so you have to limp home
  5. Ripcurl

    Bronco Reservation Tracking List in sequential # order

    That's an oddball number last on the list.........and from 7/15 as well
  6. Ripcurl

    Pic of the Day: 2021 Bronco Lends Jeep a Friendly Tow

    Regardless of the brands, that's just a kick ass photograph
  7. Ripcurl

    2021 bronco 2-door door storage?

    Guessing the 2DRs will fit somehow in back, just don't want to do anything extremely bumpy while they are in there Otherwise, your garage, your hotel room, chained to your pitbull at your campsite, etc Seems like even with the 4DR storage, you're limited if you have gear back there...
  8. Ripcurl

    A new brown or bronze color added to Bronco? 🤔

    It wears the dust well but makes it hard to truly visualize it on those pics
  9. Ripcurl

    Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    2DR for me for sure now, but taking my kids to play soccer baseball and lacrosse when they were little were some of the best times of my life.....miss it a lot now that they are 19 and to take them in that ride
  10. Ripcurl

    Get Badlands or go with lower trim + aftermarket parts?

    Not sure exactly but the price of labor on automobiles can be huge......and different warranties involved
  11. Ripcurl

    What's the best way to attach two large duffel/body bags for travelling?

    I would not do #6 for a few reasons (just getting the damn dead bugs off of it would be a pain) or anything just hanging off the back or sides I had an old trailer hitch basket which worked well, but if you don't have a place to keep it, yeah its not optimal, but they are pretty cheap Small...
  12. Ripcurl

    Beach Bronco - What are Your Must Haves & Don't Needs in a New Ride?

    I echo the washout interior.....Black Diamond seems like a good target, even without Sasquatch....we used to roll the dunes easily in an old stock Cherokee Chief aired down The stock BD steel wheels are likely more prone to rust (over time....not instantly since they are painted) if you're...
  13. Ripcurl

    Order date 4 door Bronco different from 2 door Bronco

    I can't imagine Ford would piss off 2/3rds or more of their customer base with that nonsense
  14. Ripcurl

    Is anyone having trouble deciding between 2-door and 4-door?

    They look cool, I'd probably have to pass for practicality sake because of winters where I live We've only seen them on a two door, perhaps because of the longer door lengths, but we'll have to see if 4 DR gets its own version I guess I've seen others confirm it will be a factory option rather...
  15. Ripcurl

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    The washout interior was made for trail sections like that......;)
  16. Ripcurl

    Driving 80+ mph on highway with new Bronco?

    Driving at 80 with Sasquatch is one thing..........what's the breaking like on those things at 80 mph? I think I'd just try and realistically commit to driving a little slower, leaving a little earlier to get there.
  17. Ripcurl

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    If we can't see photos of the vehicle, at least get a picture of the dude's face that gets hit with all these questions 🤯
  18. Ripcurl

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    What is the weight of the clamshell piece? What is the weight of the driver/passenger roof sections?
  19. Ripcurl

    2 door Bronco and new options added to Interactive Garage builder

    Right, as far as we know, it isn't an option yet. I just meant if Ford does offer white direct from factory that it isn't at the cost listed on interactive garage
  20. Ripcurl

    2 door Bronco and new options added to Interactive Garage builder

    $2,500 for the factory white hard top on 2 DR? Ugh, hope it ain't that much to switch from carb grey