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  1. I am confused about X-Plan

    Most are using x plan to get pricing below MSRP. If your dealer is promising invoice there would be no need for X plan.
  2. Road Noise

    LOL I watched that video this afternoon. It was informative.
  3. Road Noise

    The Badlands spec is for offroading. If your sole focus is daily driving maybe consider a different trim if noise is your worry.
  4. Upgrade Badlands to 35" - parts and cost?

    Great info. Answers a lot of my questions and helps me decide which way to go.
  5. Why no 33's on any trim besides badlands?

    What was your reservation date?
  6. Bronco Sasquatch 2-Door Simulated in Production Colors

    Looks good. Iconic Silver doesn't look very silver though to me. Looks more bluish. I actually like it better than a true silver
  7. What will you first do after delivery?

    Nope not worried at all. I’ve taught him all that stuff early on when he was young enough to still learn from and listen to me. I’ve trusted him with the small stuff now it’s time to trust him with the large stuff.
  8. What will you first do after delivery?

    Tell my newly minted 16 year old son Happy Birthday
  9. Video: 2021 Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Crawling Back-to-Back at Moab

    For me, I don't care what the Jeep can and can't do with stock specs. All I wanted to know is if the Bronco can do it without any more struggle than any other stock vehicle and that has been confirmed on the Rubicon and in Moab. I'm good.
  10. Modular Hard Top question

    In one of the Instagram videos posted within the last 30 min in another thread it shows a 4 door with only the piece above the driver removed. The piece over the passenger side was still on.
  11. Granger Ford - X-plan price Admin Fee clarification

    Yeah not looking to avoid taxes, just figuring out which jurisdiction is going to collect and comparing the rates.
  12. Granger Ford - X-plan price Admin Fee clarification

    @Granger Ford, I assume we have to pay the state and local taxes for your area. What are those percentages?
  13. Watch the 2.3L Bronco reverse up 37 degree Hummer Hill at Moab bout that Bronco backing up that hill? That was neat, right?
  14. Videos & pics: Even more Bronco prototypes converge on Moab + Rock Crawling Videos

    LOL that dude in the background says "it doesn't look as cool as I thought"
  15. Taking the doors off with the door bag - confirmed

    It's all in the meticulous stitching my friend.
  16. Invoice Pricing- False Advertisement? Granger & Georgia

    This and the fact that he didn't capitalize the "f" in Ford. I've written thousands of emails in my career with the name of the company in the text and NEVER have I not capitalized it when communicating with a customer. End rant. Please excuse my pet peeve.