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  1. Final Pre-order survey

    daily driver - deciding between base, BB, or BD Must have: - 4 door auto 2.7 - 32 or 33 inch tires - auto start, keyless entry - heated seats Would like to have: - advanced 4x4 - prefer mgv but not sure I need - locking rear diff BD in Canada prices out mid60s plus fees so I may be...
  2. Will the base bronco be enough for me?

    What are recovery points ??
  3. Waiting on the black top.

    Would be great to find out how easily painted the tops are. That would be a great solution. Would love AMB matching top !
  4. Waiting on the black top.

    Painted black or AMB ? Can you paint the grey tops AMB ?? I want 4-door AMB but didn’t know you could paint tops ?
  5. Waiting on the black top.

    Ok do other companies deal with Webasto? And do they struggle as well ??
  6. Waiting on the black top.

    Do other companies struggle like Ford with roofs or just Ford ????
  7. Ride height vs other SUVs

    Seems like this big bend truck has similar ride height to my 2013 Kia Sorento !!
  8. MIC Hardtop vs Modular Painted

    Good idea!!!
  9. MIC Hardtop vs Modular Painted

    Doesn’t make sense why the rest of the world can deliver body-colour tops now but bronco’s can’t have them? also, fair point about standing out with unique two colour suv- top and body But there are other ways to stand out and still look nice
  10. MIC Hardtop vs Modular Painted

    No, I want the option to have my roof match my body colour. It’s not a big ask. Look at every vehicle on the road
  11. MIC Hardtop vs Modular Painted

    I jus want the top of the thing to be painted same colour as the body. Not much to ask haha. How long till this actually happens. Sucks we have to keep debating about this
  12. What age spectrum do we have here reserving these sweet Broncos ?

    Maybe a stupid question, but has anyone done a survey of average age of prospective buyer ?with high price tag compared to other SUV’s wondering if those who actually buy will be young guys in their 20s looking to impress or those going through a midlife crisis? Sorry if age question has already...
  13. How long will you keep your Bronco?

    As a daily driver who will put 35km per year I would say as long as she lasts
  14. If your Bronco arrives and you don't like it

    What do you mean becomes the next Kia telluride ?
  15. Ford's Hairy Armpit (4d base)

    will 33 inch tires fit on base? Or is that too much for daily driver
  16. Purchased a "bridge" Vehicle until the Bronco delivers

    Good question and how do you end up spending to have a bridge ?
  17. Purchased a "bridge" Vehicle until the Bronco delivers

    Wow. That’s an expensive bridge car. Wow.
  18. "Wait for black mod hard top" Crew 💪

    Maybe the first wave of production and late availability will blend into one at this point. Then we all get what we want and what Ford advertised!!!