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  1. Kino

    Bronco Sport things that make you go Hmmmm.

    And my Bronco Sport will arrive within a week. Now, exactly when do those Big Broncos arrive? (LOL: Yeah, I have one of those reserved, too!)
  2. Kino

    What sort of weird things are you cross shopping the bronco with?

    Ordered a '21 F-150 Lariat and have a built Bronco Sport on the train now, so I may be canceling the Bronco. I'm holding out to see what Ford changes makes in the next months. Lost my taste for Subarus! Oil change prices TOO much!
  3. Kino

    *Updated* Cupholder issue fixed.

    I hope you got a patent for it!
  4. Kino

    Retro Paint Job

    Now make one that looks like the General Lee!
  5. Kino

    Ford Pass Rewards

    No free toaster???
  6. Kino

    Granger Ford Reservation Holders - Please Fill This Out

    A few Illinois people like myself. Probably Chicago-area ones to boot! Auto dealers here are really not that good, and I am not speaking solely about Ford.
  7. Kino

    Das Auto - What VW will bring to the table in the near future

    I wish we could have Skodas here in the States! I was in one in Europe and loved it! While in Berlin, I got to check out the 'California', also not available in the States. I really love my Karmann Ghia! Easy to fix. My '72 Camper is going in for a restoration this week! I am awaiting...
  8. Kino

    Bronco Sport Inventory Near Me

    I bet there are no "Window Stickers" available...
  9. Kino

    Bronco pickup? Gladiator shows what will happen...

    My opinion (yeah, it probably sucks): The Jeep Gladiator just seems WAY overpriced and some crazy equivalent to the Honda Ridgeline in the Honda lineup or the late GM (uggh) Envoy XUV. It looks decent on the outside, but really has none of the features I want from a pickup, like towing and...
  10. Kino

    What's in your driveway?

    That color - on the Bronco - I WANT!
  11. Kino

    Whats your lifestyle, and how do you see the Bronco fitting into it?

    I am a beggar who stood on the street corner so long that I can afford to pay cash for the Bronco so that I can transport myself to more affluent neighborhoods and beg on those corners!
  12. Kino

    Add Brandon Ford to the list dealers not to pre order a Bronco from unless you don't mind paying $795 sticker bump aka Dealer Fee

    It's disclosed on their website. The dealer isn't lying, being misleading, being shady, etc. This is why I did research on 30+ dealers in my own area and their Doc Fees. These fees are usually placed on the same pages. This dealership is no different. The spreadsheet on this forum is...
  13. Kino

    Bronco vs Raptor F-150 sand drag race + Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch walkaround

    Is that a MIC roof?!? (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)
  14. Kino

    4 Door Badlands Cyber Orange or Area51

    Don't ask me. I'm holding out for GREEN! o_O
  15. Kino

    RIP Sean Connery

    "Marnie"! ALWAYS "Marnie"!
  16. Kino

    Add Brandon Ford to the list dealers not to pre order a Bronco from unless you don't mind paying $795 sticker bump aka Dealer Fee

    I went through 30+ dealers to figure out these fees, from Madison to Chicago to Indy to Cincy... then a certain dealer had a great offer on this forum. Not advertising for them, but I would do research on your own before relying on this forum's spreadsheet. There are many errors/omissions on it!
  17. Kino

    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    $1000. See:
  18. Kino

    Hands On Walkaround Review of the Bronco Overland Badlands With Sasquatch Package

    To the one who posted that pic, the first two words are "Based on", also. Even though the video is quite good, I'll wait until a REAL BRONCO is reviewed, not these monstrosities to get everyone to go absolutely NUTS!