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  1. Rydfree

    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    With one more delay I can see the only 2021 models being the First Editions. It's all just a waiting and guessing game right now. Nobody knows.
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    Real world Factory Bronco Headliner (by Coverking) reviews

    For $495 installed with warranty I'll get mine from Ford . Not a bad price at all . When pics were posted here on the forum I said it would most likely be the Covercraft product . I've had excellent results from their products over the years .
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    Want your Bronco sooner? Be flexible on options

    I can't see paying over 40+k for a new vehicle and not get what you want just to have it a little quicker . My BL build will be closer to 60k so I'm ok with waiting a bit . Might have to buy another cheap beater to get me by if my ranger doesn't hold up another year but on the brighter side my...
  4. Rydfree

    Final Pre-order survey

    Yep that's why High/Lux package wiring harness routes through the signature lights . If you don't have the lights people know you got a lower pkg . LOL
  5. Rydfree

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    The exposed bolt heads are the pocket flares where each bolt has its own recessed pocket . I like the look on certain applications and expect the Bronco to be one of them . Need to see pics before ordering though .
  6. Rydfree

    Final Pre-order survey

    Everyone will take one glance at your regular poor headlights/tail lights and feel sorry for you though ;)
  7. Rydfree

    UPDATE: Bronco Ordering Starts January 19th According to Ford (Levine)

    I also like the fact that the dealer can get your Bronco more quickly the sooner you place the order ,LOL .
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    Matching interior door color

    No I think it was said that it is . That's why the windows don't let down in the 2dr . :)
  9. Rydfree

    Matching interior door color

  10. Rydfree

    Fastest Bronco configuration - engine? 2-door vs 4-door? Sasquatch?

    The only race that matters to a Bronco owner should be who gets to the campsite last has to set things up .
  11. Rydfree

    Why does the 4-Dr look so long?

    The 4dr was my 1st choice and still does look ok but after seeing it and the 2dr in person the wife and I immediately chose the 2dr. The 2dr with its longer doors and short top just looks more like the older Broncos .
  12. Rydfree

    First pics of rear cup holders and armrest - in 4 door leather WildTrak

    Definitely pre-production . When I supervised a line for a Mercedes and Jeep supplier that did seats and consoles , it was the last month before production that they approved one of our processes . It's surprising that Ford lets these early pics out with all the bitchin they receive . I for one...
  13. Rydfree

    ⚡ Lightning Blue Bronco 2 door + Oxford White Wildtrak + herd getting shipped out 💙

    Never been a huge fan of blue on a vehicle but that color does well on the 2dr Bronco :)
  14. Rydfree

    Sasquatch my dash!

    Now that's a high level instrument panel ! For certain things it's almost a must have . I like the looks of the dash with the 8" screen better but for old eyes like mine and all the info that can be displayed , it will be much easier to read . Also with the 360 camera setup I'm sure they...
  15. Rydfree

    So this weight limit thing. Will badlands simply not be able to overland?

    This type of crap is getting g real old on this forum. I can't wait until the Bronco starts getting into owners hands that really want them. People who post this crap should just go buy something else that they can get right now.
  16. Rydfree

    Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    Ah , I did not go directly to YouTube . Good that they realized it would have been misunderstood . Thanks .
  17. Rydfree

    Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    At the 2:09 mark he alludes to the fact that the leather seats would be power adjustable and the MGV are manual . Since he is demoing a 2Dr when he says that , are we getting power seating on the 2Dr when we select the leather option ? Leather also comes with carpet floors so that would explain...