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  1. BearWithMe

    Which power train won't be a lemon?

    Amen, brother. Can’t wait to get out of my slug Tacoma and into something with a little pep at this altitude.
  2. BearWithMe

    Levine Says New Bronco Colors and Special Editions Coming!

    No, the tweet specifically refers to the 2/4 door Bronco. Why would you say otherwise?
  3. BearWithMe

    Video: Iconic Silver Bronco Big Bend 4-Door With MIC Hardtop

    Those mudflaps are the best part. I plan on putting some super-long baja flaps on mine.
  4. BearWithMe

    Base Bronco 2-Door Iconic Silver spotted in Wixom, MI

    It looks so much like a Bronco II or 80s Ranger (same thing, I know). I love it!
  5. BearWithMe

    Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    Yeah? Inside the Bronco beats the heart of a Mazda. Look up the history on the 4-cyl Ecoboost sometime.
  6. BearWithMe

    Area 51 Black Diamond Interior + 8" Inch Screen Photos

    Love the BD grille, hate the light-colored dash. Reflections in the sun, anyone?
  7. BearWithMe

    question about the manual.

    My gf has just such a car with a manual transmission. It's incredibly easy to shift, kind of fun, but there's a lack of sensation and heft. It feels very distant and remote. My old WRX had a direct linkage, with the stick emerging from the transmission located immediately beneath the center...
  8. BearWithMe

    Manual Transmission Throw Length

    I wonder how the ergonomics of the seat cushion will work out. It's hard to describe, but, in some vehicles the seat is too high off the floor for comfortable clutching -- when I push in the clutch, the front edge of the seat digs into my thighs. I test drove a manual Subaru Forester in the...
  9. BearWithMe

    Pics: Bronco Slide-Out Tailgate and Sunrider Top

    That pale metallic brown dash looks so cheap, and I bet durability is subpart on that finish. Glad I'm not forced into that on BB.
  10. BearWithMe

    Video: Bronco Conducting High & Low Speed Durability Testing, Johnson Valley

    It’s not that the gray top looks bad by itself, it’s the contrast with all the other body plastics — they’re black plastic. Check out the B pillar vs hardtop. That’s three main colors (including the paint), which is too many.
  11. BearWithMe

    So the dash is grey now?

    Cute. Allow me to clarify: I’ve never driven a vehicle with a light-colored dash where it didn’t cause excessive glare in the windshield.
  12. BearWithMe

    So the dash is grey now?

    In the year 2020, Ford is having issues with the dash warping? Unbelievable. Thought we left that failure mode behind decades ago, but I haven’t owned a domestic in about that long, so...
  13. BearWithMe

    So the dash is grey now?

    The light gray is a f-ing disaster for causing reflections in the windshield when you’re driving.
  14. BearWithMe

    How much more interior room does the 4 door really have than the 2 door?

    Cubic feet, bud. Ain't no one talking about depth in the post you quoted.
  15. BearWithMe

    PICS: BASE Bronco in Iconic Silver - completed preproduction model

    I agree, likely the silver 2-door we saw earlier. Looks sharp! Except for that darn gray top contrasting with the black B pillar and other plastic. I like how the base has a lot of aftermarket upgrade potential. Enormous wheelwells.
  16. BearWithMe

    Cyber Orange Paint Thread

    Thanks for sharing! What is the source? Looks like the angles were carefully chosen to avoid showing off the contrast between the gray top and the black B and C pillars.
  17. BearWithMe

    No Manual trans with Base 4-Door

    A thread here with a bit more discussion:
  18. BearWithMe

    No manual on 4-door Base?

    Your numbers don’t add up. The 4-door Wrangler starts at $31,795 (with a manual). Adding the auto costs $1500. Total cost: $33,295 The 4-door Bronco (with auto included) starts at $33,200. A difference of $95 to entice prospective cross-shoppers? Come on. If the Bronco base 4-door could be...
  19. BearWithMe

    Educate me. Pizza cutter vs Sasquach style. Pros and cons.

    I'll say it slower: you can't build a Base 4-door with a manual. But you can build a Base (which comes with the automatic by default) with Sasquatch. And you can get a manual transmission with the Sasquatch, eventually. Just not a BaseManSquatch.
  20. BearWithMe

    Educate me. Pizza cutter vs Sasquach style. Pros and cons.

    Great idea, except you can't get the manual with the Base 4-door. Try the B&P and you'll see what I mean.