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  1. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    I never wanted to off-road like that so it works out. I did want to tow my boat so it still works out. :) Silly me when I ordered I thought the 65k Bronco would be useful past off-roading. I was wrong.
  2. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    I got a 21 X5 instead because it was barely more than an FE and magnitudes nicer.
  3. Warthog vs Rubicon 392 ( Car and Driver)

    Wow Ill get a good laugh at those people driving a near $80k Jeep. Could build a much cooler classic jeep with sick power for way less.
  4. Georgia Bronco

    @MadMan4BamaNATL feel free to report me but frankly “whatever”.
  5. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    I doubt Ford cares if they sell to reservation holders or dealers as long as they sell. Ford DEALERS cant wait til they get dealer stock.
  6. Georgia Bronco

    I am out of the loop I guess. I thought LB was a late availability color. Now its FE only?
  7. Georgia Bronco

    With it looking like the first allocations are going to be low and me being pretty sure Ill be early at Granger I am once again considering following through with my order and flipping it. Im guessing I would need +$10k over the $1k below invoice deal to make it worth it considering taxes etc...
  8. 2021 Ranger B&P Colors now available

    Ive bought new BMWs hence the “these are BMW prices” comment. Doesnt make the prices any less outlandish.
  9. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Pretty sure I have #9 reserved. How much is it worth to ya? :)
  10. First Edition Bronco Thread

    None of the higher trims are worth the price. I had one of the first FE reserved but its a laughable price for what it is.
  11. 2021 Ranger B&P Colors now available

    The world has gone crazy. $65k Broncos and $47k Rangers. These Fords cost BMW money.
  12. Selling your reservation ??

    I was told you cant even do that by Granger. I was going to give mine to my dad when I went a different way.
  13. 🚨4-door Bronco Outer Banks test towing a big empty trailer

    Its going to be a pathetic 3500lb in an “SUV”.
  14. What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    I went with a 2021 X5 Instead.
  15. Georgia Bronco

    I know its not same realm but I picked up a 2021 X5 M Sport 40i and Im loving it. Needed a ride and couldn't wait for the Bronco. Works great so far with our newborn daughter.
  16. Georgia Bronco

    I decided not to buy the Bronco so I wont be around on the forums much if at all. Any nominations for a new “Georgia Bronco” club owner?
  17. Bronco Sport things that make you go Hmmmm.

    The rear end is so not attractive.
  18. New here, probably getting kicked out for first post, but I think the first buyers are making a mistake.

    Oh yeah? Albert had told me I was first. Things may have changed. I dont care anyway tho... Im canceling.
  19. Prepare for regular Windshield replacements

    Never had a windshield replaced in 25 years of driving.