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  1. Coldsteele

    So who'll be the first to break out the sawzall and void their warranties?

    I see a SEMA build coming on... Wonder if the roof would even be able to attach without that rear roll cage.
  2. Coldsteele

    Bronco Pickup Truck design sketch discovered in Ford video?!

    Is that "BRONCO" labled tactical Nuke launcher one of the 200 accessories? I hope it's not too expensive
  3. Coldsteele

    Bronco vs custom built 700HP K10

    Close, it's a 77. I'll have to replace the driveshafts and the shocks at the very least, it's got 12" suspension lift and 3" body lift
  4. Coldsteele

    Bronco vs custom built 700HP K10

    Alright, so I have a dilemma. I've lost a lot of faith in Ford and am considering getting something else for several reasons. A K10 popped up locally with a brand new 700HP built 598cu big block engine along with a built trans, 1 ton axles, lockers, new paint job, perfect body, no rust, etc. I...
  5. Coldsteele

    Bronco team rep's email to dealer GM -- discussing reservations, order conversion, allocations

    My Ford dealer is literally next door to a Jeep, dodge, ram dealer. Like, only separated by a concrete block. Maybe I'll get mine quickly
  6. Coldsteele

    2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    But when are we going to get pricing lists... I'd love to see invoice prices for vehicles and accessories
  7. Coldsteele

    Engine Block Heater

    I'm really proud of this forum right now. Facebook is full of fools saying it's only useful on a diesel and if you put one on a gas engine you're wasting your money... As someone who lives in interior Alaska I will tell you that a block heater is a necessity on ALL vehicles here. Regardless of...
  8. Coldsteele

    Can’t decide- 2 or 4 door

    Here's my personal opinion: If you're having this big of a dilemma about getting the 2 or 4 door you're never going to be satisfied if you don't get the one that's pulling at your heart. I have 5 kids, 2 dogs, and a wife. I'm getting the 2 door because it will be MY personal vehicle. I bought...
  9. Coldsteele

    My BD Dilemma

    I was in the same boat for months, down to the model and options,, until I learned more about the sasquatch package and decided it's well worth the price. You get 5 forged aluminum beadlock capable wheels (about $2500 value), 5 35" tires ($1500 value), front locker WHICH INCLUDES a beefier front...
  10. Coldsteele

    Anyone's dealer requiring large ($1k) deposit?

    It's common on vehicles that are high demand. They only require it to make sure that you're serious about buying the vehicle and not just jerking them around.
  11. Coldsteele

    Alaska Dealer Pricing

    Kendall of Wasilla said the same but Stephanie who works there is a great salesperson. The only one in the state I'll use anymore
  12. Coldsteele

    Alaska Bronco buyers

    Delta junction here but I'll be using Kendall of Wasilla. I trust Stephanie there over any other salesman in state tbh
  13. Coldsteele

    Does the new Bronco have heated front wiper blades??

    Doesn't work that well in -50, the rubber on the blades is stiff and doesn't wipe off the water from the melted snow, it just leaves big tracks all over.
  14. Coldsteele

    Does the new Bronco have heated front wiper blades??

    It would be nice. I get that a lot of people don't need it, and it's not a necessity, but it really does make a difference when you live in the cold.
  15. Coldsteele

    Marine-Grade Vinyl Seats...In The Cold

    Black diamond mid package comes with heated seats and they're MGV. That's what I'm getting because I live in a frozen wasteland where it gets -40 regularly. Hopefully the heated seats can be set to turn on when the vehicle is auto started.
  16. Coldsteele

    BDSquatch Pricing

    Looks like it's counting the cost of both the sasquatch wheels and the gloss black wheels when you add sasquatch package. Weird
  17. Coldsteele

    2.7L with automatic pricing

    So, I noticed that when you choose the V6 it adds $1,859 to the price and the auto is included. When you add the auto, it's $1500 and then if you add the V6 it only adds the remaining cost of that $1,859. Did Ford pleasantly surprise us by not clarifying in the past that it was $1500 for just...