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  1. Willow

    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    When I choose black shadow hard top for Bronco 2021, do u think it will arrive around Aug 2021? Hopefully in July 😊
  2. Willow

    Factory: Sasquatch Base, Outer Banks, Big Bend + Base on steel wheels

    Good morning I wonder if you know what shade of gray for MGV seats. Light or med or dark?
  3. Willow

    Cactus Grey has evolved is my theory

    Good. Or I get I saw it in person and the weather was cloudy. I could see some grey in it. It looked like very light olive when I stood about 15 feet away from Bronco Sport. The color is soft and nice.
  4. Willow

    How to pick my color...

    Big risk or regret If you allow your dealer pick The color i think rapid red or race red would be better choice
  5. Willow

    Have you canceled your reservation? Yes or No simple poll

    Hello everyone. Just curious which color did u decide for Bronco? Which color is most popular? I chose Cactus Gray. I like few colors as well.
  6. Willow

    Fastback Top on Race Red Wildtrak spotted on video

    Good morning! Do you think soft top will make a lot of noises while we are on highway - over 65 or 70 mph?
  7. Willow

    Uh oh. Levine coming with sad news [to be updated when posted]

    Good morning Mike, if it delays again, how about $5,000 discount for 2021 consumers? Bet everyone agree!
  8. Willow

    Updated Dates for 2021 Bronco Order Acceptance (Jan 19), Scheduling and Start of Production (May 3)

    How soon will Bronco 2021 be delivered after they start production on May 3rd?
  9. Willow

    JeeTops will make tops for Bronco

    Yes expensive. They look so cool
  10. Willow

    Updated Color Poll - What color are you ready to order?

    i have seen carbonized gray Bronco (full size). Have you seen other colors for Bronco (no Sport)
  11. Willow

    In the wild: Bronco Big Bend Sasquatch in Cactus Gray 4-Door Soft Top

    Thank you for your reply. We can’t wait to get our Bronco guess we will get mic top instead.
  12. Willow

    In the wild: Bronco Big Bend Sasquatch in Cactus Gray 4-Door Soft Top

    Hello everyone. We will appreciate your help And please answer my question. We are Deaf so do u think soft top rear plastic windows will make noises while we are on road?
  13. Willow

    Carbonized Gray Explorer at Serramonte Ford

    Magnet is darker and beautiful too
  14. Willow

    Cactus Gray SPORT at Roseville Ford.

    Suggest you to see it in person The pictures are rather different on Bronco 6g
  15. Willow

    Bronco Sport in Cactus Gray

    Yes in light olive tint. i saw it myself with my dealer few weeks ago. Cactus Gray has been my choice since I made a reservation. ❤️
  16. Willow

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Love it. Merry Holidays!!! Look forward to a better 2021 year 😊
  17. Willow

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Same to u all. 😁