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  1. cybersal

    Levine: you can keep your place in line for a 2022MY (reservation time stamps won't change)

    I'm still thinking of converting my Day One reservation to an order and getting a white top down the road. Since I'm getting a two door, will hopefully have more info in May as to delivery date and go from there. If delivery is in, say, November, I will change to a MY 22 to get the white top and...
  2. cybersal

    1st Things You'll Do After Delivery

    Thank all the nice folks at Leonardtown Ford for the B6G deal. Pick up my niece and her sons, drive around with the top off, tunes blasting. First road trip: Pittsburgh to show my yinzer friends and family my new toy. Second road trip: Asheville with my best friend, driving the entire length...
  3. cybersal

    Why have we yet to see a Spare Tire Cover?

    To show Penn State or Pittsburgh Penguins pride. Maybe I'll get both and rotate them along with the spare.
  4. cybersal

    Bronco Knoll Named and Marked From Easter Egg Coordinates

    Thanks @Torgsurv for the great story. It's a lifelong memory for you and your son, and those who make it to Bronco Brae.
  5. cybersal

    Newbies afraid to test drive a wrangler?

    The cd player in my Escape hasn't worked in years. Fortunately, the radio and the cassette deck still do. Road noise is a concern, but 95% of the time I'm alone in the vehicle so don't have to worry about talking with a passenger.
  6. cybersal

    For those sticking with the 2021....why?

    My Escape has over 227,000 miles on it and has ancient tech and safety features. I've had car wanderlust for years and could have bought any vehicle. The problems I experienced with Chevrolet, Honda, and Saturn, and the Escape's reliability have made me very brand loyal to Ford. I've wanted a...
  7. cybersal

    Newbies afraid to test drive a wrangler?

    I test drove a Wrangler. As tempted as I was, reported Wrangler issues have prevented me from buying one. Plus the tailgate and small display screen are concerns. I agree @SamG your friend should definitely test drive a Wrangler.
  8. cybersal

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Any chance the MY '22 colors will be known before delivery date of first day orders? Some of us will cancel our order if we can get our preferred color and/or a white top. As much as I want to drive a new Bronco a/s/a/p, I'd be willing to wait for yellow or green with a white top. Ford, WTF??
  9. cybersal

    Fixed Hard Top Model Possible?

    Thanks, that's very reassuring!
  10. cybersal

    Bronco Driving Video

    From one of the best selling albums of all times...I'm listening to "Rumours" now. I'm okay showing my age, too.
  11. cybersal

    Maryland '73 Sport Halfcab and Trailer - $12,500

    Good luck with your health issues. Vehicles can be like friends or family members. It can be quite a challenge to let go of one. Best wishes that you'll be at peace with your decision.
  12. cybersal

    The Shadow Influence of Bronco6g on the Bronco

    When my best friend turned 50, I said, "Welcome to middle age." She replied, "I won't turn middle age until I'm 62 and a half." No one knows when the end will be, so continue to have as many mid-life crises as you want. I am. My Escape was my first mid-life crisis mobile. The Bronco, I hope...
  13. cybersal

    (12/28/2020) Which type of pizza does the 6g community NEED right now?

    Sure is. My family loves Velocity Blue. I'm still obsessed with yellow and am considering OJ White + a paint job. Will probably go with Broncazul. And get lots of Hawaiian pizza.
  14. cybersal

    Bronco Big Bend vs Jeep Wrangler Willy's

    I've looked at and test driven a Jeep Wrangler. For what I want, it's a few thousand more than the Base Bronco, and Jeeps have some issues. The Bronco is an unknown commodity, but it's what I've wanted since I was a kid. Wrangler's main advantage is it's available now. Choose wisely.
  15. cybersal

    Updated B&P Pricing for Painted Tops

    German efficiency. I'm of German heritage, just sayin'.
  16. cybersal

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of yinz!
  17. cybersal

    Confirmed: Each dealer will get up to 2 FCTP Broncos for display and test drives (updated with Accessory Pack info)

    Due to limited night vision, I have to test drive at night. My ability to buy is affected, too, so a test drive is imperative.
  18. cybersal

    Ladies of the Bronco Assembly Line!!

    Thank you and God Bless you!
  19. cybersal

    WHITE TOP AVALIABLE - (...with white)

    According to B&P, not available on Base or two door. WTF, Ford?
  20. cybersal

    Saw bronco sport today. Disappointed

    I call the Bronco Sport "Escape1G"