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  1. mdonathan56

    Jan 16 Dealer FAQ email provides more answers!

    If they are ordering known MY22 items they will be put in that line.
  2. mdonathan56

    😍 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    I like the optional wheels a lot. They are on my order list but not the Goodyear MTs.
  3. mdonathan56

    Member count vs Reservation timestamp

    I have a 1:14 AM 7/14 time stamp and I'm waiting to hear from the dealer on where I sit in their reservations. It will be interesting as I'm after a 2.7L BL with Luxe Pkg.
  4. mdonathan56

    Went Over My Build with My Dealer

    Be interesting to se the pricing breakdown for real.
  5. mdonathan56

    Extended Warranties: To buy or not to buy?

    They are right, the seller has to be licensed in Florida. Some of the sites listed on here are not. You have to do a quick check by requesting a quote. As soon as you input FL it will tell you if they can sell in Florida.
  6. mdonathan56

    Extended Warranties: To buy or not to buy?

    These folks are licensed in Florida. They sell Ford Warrantees at a great price.
  7. mdonathan56

    Another Waiting List Vehicle

    So if this comes to fruition, will there be a 'Crazy Town' reation?
  8. mdonathan56

    Extended Warranties: To buy or not to buy?

    I have been checking out these folks who where mentioned in a previous thread on here. Save $$ on Genuine Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESP)
  9. mdonathan56

    Which of the Deadly Six is in your build?

    That is a BIG question. We have heard there is not much difference between stock BL and SAS. Time will tell!
  10. mdonathan56

    Ford Ordering Email received today

    I'm gonna take a guess the 2.7L production has a fixed number. Since the 2.7L is used by the F-150 and numerous other Ford vehicles, there will only be so many available for the Bronco. As far as 2DR got no idea there.
  11. mdonathan56

    Non-refundable $2500 deposit normal?

  12. mdonathan56

    Money making opportunity

    So your Bronco is delayed. Thinking you need to earn some extra money for the down payment? Oscar Mayer is here to help. Hot Dog: Oscar Mayer Is Recruiting a New Class of Wienermobile Drivers (
  13. mdonathan56

    Bronco allocations released to dealers

    So if you order a MY21 with an agreed purchase price (Signed PO) and you get pushed to MY22, are you going to pay MY22 cost increases? I will be watching for verbiage in my order that may address that topic.
  14. mdonathan56

    Crushed Dreams in Paradise

    (y) If you can find a few more Island dwellers looking for a Bronco maybe you can work some deals; buying and shipping.
  15. mdonathan56

    Crushed Dreams in Paradise

    About a year and a half ago I was looking at buying a car that was in Hawaii. It was going to cost about $1500 to ship it across to LA. Maybe you can find a west coast dealer that you could pick up from and then ship it across. Less than the markups you're being quoted.
  16. mdonathan56

    And now this! Corvette CUV

    No hate, just pointing out the world changes.
  17. mdonathan56

    And now this! Corvette CUV

    So if you thought Ford was a little crazy for bringing the Mach-E to market; look what GM is up to. GM Working on Expanding Corvette Line With Crossover SUV (
  18. mdonathan56

    Cyber Orange 2021 Ranger paint thoughts and example pics

    Is the metal flake as prominent as it looks in the pictures?