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  1. Chrome_Pony

    So who'll be the first to break out the sawzall and void their warranties?

    Well, if you're busting out the saw, might as well add a touch more wheelbase. Quick and dirty stretch by ~12"
  2. Chrome_Pony

    Adding, modifying or otherwise changing factory/OEM options, an intro.

    I missed this earlier. So this is also a long-term project I have on my list for my truck. To provide an example of how this might work in the Bronco, I'll highlight the Twins I'm familiar with. In the case of the GMT700s, the Chevrolet ZR2 is the only model with Eaton E-locker electronic...
  3. Chrome_Pony

    A Vangler anyone?

    It's fucking hideous... ... and I love it. It's also based on drawings we made when we were six, and didn't understand where legs needed to go, not an FC. This is what an FC concept looks like.
  4. Chrome_Pony

    Fastback Top on Race Red Wildtrak spotted on video

    Wish that dirty ass exhaust growl would be an option on the Bronco.
  5. Chrome_Pony

    Did Jeep just become French?

    Ford built GI Jeeps or GPWs, MJs are Comanches, one of the most overlooked but awesome Jeep models.
  6. Chrome_Pony

    Did Jeep just become French?

    It's pronounced "Zheep."
  7. Chrome_Pony

    Adding, modifying or otherwise changing factory/OEM options, an intro.

    The L5P Duramax also has next generation encryption preventing the tunability of previous generations. Also new are P2P handshakes between components such as BCM and TCM, preventing modifications or even replacement, unless the proper response from the unit is received or programmed. It's only...
  8. Chrome_Pony

    Adding, modifying or otherwise changing factory/OEM options, an intro.

    I'm interested to see what happens with the wireless versions of Carplay and Android Auto. I suspect Apple will be able to keep battery drain to a minimum, with likely a bit higher consumption on Android. I had to scrape my Note 8 of nearly all OEM Samsung and AT&T garbage to finally get decent...
  9. Chrome_Pony

    Adding, modifying or otherwise changing factory/OEM options, an intro.

    So I know a number of potential and/or future Bronco owners are caught between the broad lines of Ford's value engineering. Some want heated seats, but not the rest of the Mid package, or a heated steering wheel, but not Lux. I hope this thread can be a centralized area for discussing how to add...
  10. Chrome_Pony

    GMC Boulder concept

    Kill it with fire.
  11. Chrome_Pony

    2021 F-150 Tremor Revealed!

    I thought you might have been exaggerating, so I checked the link. Nope. That is one hell of a boring looking truck. I know we crap on designer tweaks like the stupid color stitching and accents on the Bronco (often deservedly, who tf wants a red truck with a blue interior?), but there isn't...
  12. Chrome_Pony

    So what did you buy for your Bronco today?

    Today and the next week or so would be a good time to pick up some things such as lighting, winch and recovery gear, or overland supplies for your Bronco! For me, it was a pair of Baja Designs S2 Pros, likely going to be flush mount backup lights or ditch lights for mine. Still saving for a...
  13. Chrome_Pony

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    It's available for the Bison from AEV... in a very similar manner to how the modular bumper of the Bronco will perform. The Bison is already blurring the lines between OEM and aftermarket, though, so it's tough to compare to what is essentially AEV, rather than GM.
  14. Chrome_Pony

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    "No guys, we totally drew inspiration from the past for the dynamic new look of the 2021 Bronco!" The Past: Vomit-inducing Blue! Porno Red!
  15. Chrome_Pony

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    Navy Pier on a red truck Like all of the terrible interior design choices of 90s Ford trucks came back at once.
  16. Chrome_Pony

    Area51 W/ White Accents questions

    Promotional vehicles = Varsity Production ones = JV
  17. Chrome_Pony

    Factory Wheel Arch Extension Kit , Rock Rails, Roof Rack Cross Bar, Cargo Liner -- Installation Instruction Images & Part Numbers

    ZR2 slider brackets are smaller but have two more mount locations. I wouldn't be too worried unless you routinely slam bam your door jamb onto big rocks. But they are stout enough to lift on and take impacts. There will undoubtedly be a flood of bitching about how the Bronco sliders are...
  18. Chrome_Pony

    Image: Late Availability Tailgate Tray

    Shame they didn't take cues from the Bronco Sport seatbacks.
  19. Chrome_Pony

    Signature Lighting Available for all Models

    Thank an engineer for cramming the blind spot sensor into the taillight for that one.
  20. Chrome_Pony

    Auxiliary Switches - alternative location?

    That's some home-hobbyist-level electrical shit. Gross. Broncos deserve better than Hazard Fraught. If you don't want to pony up for AUX switches and can find space the Feniex Mini 4200 will give you six switches for about ~$100 to work with with two of them also having strobe capability. I run...