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  1. SuzH

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    Where? Link please!
  2. SuzH

    Invoice Pricing - Any Updates?

    I haven't heard from my dealer in a LONG time. @SewellFord..... Any news for us Bronco reservation holders?????
  3. SuzH

    PNW Dealer Swag

    Nice! Way to go Bickford! Im in Skagit, but picking up from Sewell, in TX. I got the tool bag and coffee mugs. Really nice! can’t wait for the Roadtrip home!
  4. SuzH

    2-door vs 4-door Bronco for Overlanding?

    Cute puppy! ❤🐾 Picking up this big boy tomorrow to ad to the pack!
  5. SuzH

    2-door vs 4-door Bronco for Overlanding?

    Awesome! I started competition shooting and hunting at 50! What a blast and honor to fill my freezer! Now to learn overlanding! I cannot wait!
  6. SuzH

    2-door vs 4-door Bronco for Overlanding?

    Haha.... no worries! Clarification: Rock climbing as in with a vehicle! No way this old gal is doing that scary shit! 🤣😜 I think the 4 dr will fit us much better. I just want to order already! 🤣
  7. SuzH

    2-door vs 4-door Bronco for Overlanding?

    But....I am the badass wife! Gun toting, rock climbing, hunting wife! Then what? :P
  8. SuzH

    Dashboard logo

    Right after pick up, we are headed to my friend who makes vinyl signs. We are going to do the grill and dashboard letters. As well as create clear wraps for the doors. So when I get custom pinstriping from the trails, I can be protected!
  9. SuzH

    2-door vs 4-door Bronco for Overlanding?

    Such a dilemma!!! I LOVE the look of the 2 dr. So very classic! However....there really isn't a lot of room. I go back and forth....2, no4, no 2.... Anyone else? I figured I'd take the 2nd row seats out (if they don't lay flat) It would be me, hunky hubby and 3 dogs. Plus.....rooftop...
  10. SuzH

    More Off-Roadeo Locations announced: Moab, Vermont, Nevada (in addition to Austin)

    I want to all!! How fun! However, the farthest away from WA state, Vermont, will teach me more about wheeling in territory like I live in. Dang it!
  11. SuzH

    WA State Check-In

    Basically....NO communication past their initial, HI email. I sent Mike (manager) a few times asking Xplan, ADM, and others. Non responsive. So decided to do the most epic, pick up, break in, road trip home from TX. Sewell Ford has been great! Even mailed me some gifts!
  12. SuzH

    WA State Check-In

    I hope you get good news from your dealer. I WAS going to deal with the dealer in Burlington. Never got my questions answered. Did more research and planning and now picking up from TX and doing an epic road trip home! I'm with you! I think it would be great to get together and tailgate, etc...
  13. SuzH

    Tow package hitch and plugs pics (2021 Bronco)

    Someone said it! haha.... I think that EVERY time is see bitching and moaning on this and the other things. Get real! haha
  14. SuzH

    BN in PNW!

    Easy there...easy! Don't pop a blood vessel! It was just a question. Interesting how I posted this question in my area and the loud and angry ones are from elsewhere. It's a membership, yes. It's run by Ford, yes. You have a choice to become a member or not! I am pending $60k on a new vehicle...
  15. SuzH

    BN in PNW!

    Exactly!! That's how I see it. The BIG picture! I just chuckle at how angry people get over this. hahaha.... so silly!
  16. SuzH

    BN in PNW!

    Cant we all get along? 😢 I’m on both. That’s just silly. We are adults, right? 🤣😬🤬
  17. SuzH

    BN in PNW!

    Anyone have a BN number? I signed up a bit late, but got my membership package the other day..... #1817.
  18. SuzH

    Is not having sport mode a big deal?

    I'm in the same, exact boat! :(
  19. SuzH

    Breaking news: January ordering, Summer delivery, Black First Edition interior, no manual Sasquatch & more

    Thanks for the update! I planned on October/November from the start, for pick up!