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  1. 2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    This clears up some confusion for me. Don't know why Capable front bumper was even on B&P then 🤷‍♂️ BN: We currently see three options scattered across build and price. In the Bronco Build and Price tool there are three bumpers: the standard bumper, the Heavy Duty Modular Bumper, and the...
  2. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    how is ford targeting wrangler without a SFA???? Impossible and Ford is going to be just like Tesla when it unveiled the “Cybertruck”. I seriously wanted to throw my remote at the TV because I was that disappointed. And it’s going to fail like it did in its own sponsored “Baja Bronco R” in...
  3. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    Then go buy Miata!
  4. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    What stopped me is that it doesn’t have a solid axle..... I’d be more disappointed in the Bronco, seriously, than the “CYBERTRUCK”, if the Bronco does not have a solid axle version. I’ve been on the Bronco Hype for 2 years thinking it was going to have solid axles because of what ford...
  5. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    wrong! I daily drive this truck every day, drives 85mpg all day long, gets 16 mpg, it’s been to Moab, down south, in the sierras pretty much a trip at least 2x a month from the Bay Area (16k-20k miles a year), and I even use it to work on my house and make a couple of dump runs, load it up...
  6. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    you obviously don’t wheel.
  7. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    Here goes “slick rock” going up the Gauntlet, where your going downhill. We went up and down that day. Try going uphill and fight gravity where your armor just slides down and the articulation will actually have to grip. You know where this is? Ol’ sluice going uphill. This is going...
  8. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    Lol, I love the freeway you built. Let’s not ruin the trail, run the trail without stacking all those rocks like a real rig! And let’s see if you can make it though without rolling over.
  9. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    Back on the subject......... IFS sucks. Lol
  10. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    This is what I hope the new bronco will be. The FORD TROLLER. solid front axle, short wheelbase go and play in some rocks rig. Would love a 4 door version but this will do too. Has tons of aftermarket support already and ready to hit the US and compete with the wrangler.
  11. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    remember we’re talking about mass production standards. And there is nothing in the current market that can “do” what a stock wrangler can “do” out of the factory. So that’s why I gave it a 10. BTW, I’m a TOYOTA guy, but the reason why they named the wrangler model the “rubicon”, is because...
  12. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    You gave the Bronco an 8 in rock crawling? Is that a JOKE..... Let’s be honest, IFS in a mass production rig is best at a 5 so let’s just give it a modest 5.5. and the wrangler for a mass produced vehicle should get a 10 in that category. There is nothing on the market that can compete...
  13. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    If “FORD” gave us all the impression that the new “BRONCO” is going to be a direct competitor with the “JEEP WRANGLER” with IFS........ They are creating smoke and need to put down the Jim Jones juice. The wrangler is popular for one reason..... they’re all outfitted with 37 or bigger...
  14. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    My buddy’s JLU rubicon with a 3 inch lift and 38’s, everything else all stock, completed the rubicon without a hiccup and still drove it back to SoCal achieving 18mpg. you guys really don’t know what the wrangler is capable of. that’s exactly the problem. Ford test all their new rigs at...
  15. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    here here, well said. Hit the nail on the head. Remember I’m a TOYOTA fanatic ready to buy the next thing that can go head to head with a solid front axle wrangler. A vehicle that can walk the walk and talk the talk. And I’m sorry but IFS is the last thing I want to see on it.
  16. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    I don’t get why they would build another desert runner, ford already rules in that category. If they build the Bronco with an IFS they’re only going to take away from their own sales and compete with themselves....... the raptor it’s like the 3 bears. Which would you like? Full size F150...
  17. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    now this guy know what he’s talking about. let’s be serious, Ford isn’t building an Ultra 4 vehicle. By looking at the current “R” version of the Bronco, how wide do you think the arms are on it? Wms of the axle (width) looks like it’s over 80 inches. Yes it has longer arms but try fitting...
  18. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    Yes they were at 1 time back in the 70’s. And again in the same generation trying to be reborn now. IFS is still IFS. No articulation at all. why don’t you see any ifs vehicle on the harder trails? Because plain and simple. They can’t do them.
  19. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    I’m really disappointed after waiting 2.5 years for this new Bronco to unveil. I’m a pretty hard core off weekend warrior fanatic where a “solid font axle” really shines in all occasions for my needs. to give you guys examples of my rigs I drive a first generation tacoma extra cab with a...