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  1. Fatdaddy

    Bayou Bronco Club

    @Happytown man I’m looking it now.. yeahhh think aftermarket is looking good..
  2. Fatdaddy

    Bayou Bronco Club

    @Happytown I definitely need to look. I’m stuck man. Not sure if I should save the money now and just get the standard bumper then aftermarket layer or buy the HD mod now. I like the look of the rigid lights on the side and I do like the brush guard, however not the one that we can order. I...
  3. Fatdaddy

    Order time! Got my appointment at 8 am on Jan 20th

    My dealer called me yesterday. I'm the guinea pig. I'm his first build/order appointment. - Wednesday the 20th at 11am. - $1k non-refundable deposit.
  4. Fatdaddy

    Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    I'm not too worried. "Extended wait time" doesn't necessarily mean 2022. Could just mean you're not going to be one of the first ones and you may get yours in Q4 2021. Also, what data are they pulling to know the "overwhelming demand" that will delay these items; The amount of reservations made...
  5. Fatdaddy

    Bayou Bronco Club

    @BOLD Renegade93 @Happytown My build is a 4-door Wildtrak, Area 51, Shadow Black Roof, Leather, High Package, Towing Capability, and Rock Rails. But man am I stuck on the bumper. I wanted the Capable Bumper, but I have no idea when that will be available and I don't want to delay my build even...
  6. Fatdaddy

    Bayou Bronco Club

    My dealer called me yesterday. I'm the guinea pig. I'm his first build/order appointment. This is what we discussed: - Wednesday the 20th at 11am. - $1k non-refundable deposit. He said this is to filter out the people that are not serious and just want to place an order for one with no...
  7. Fatdaddy

    Written commitment to purchase prior to order placement

    My dealer said $1k non-refundable deposit
  8. Fatdaddy

    Just got the call!

    my dealer said Jan 20th $1k deposit
  9. Fatdaddy

    2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    Same here. Am I supposed to math before I go on vacation with my family? I’ve never thought about this in any other vehicle of mine, just loaded up.
  10. Fatdaddy

    2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    Perfect thanks. With everything going on I was anticipating Q4 delivery and happy with that regardless.
  11. Fatdaddy

    2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    I think at this point the only late availability item for me is the black top for the WT. Which I’d love to know what that actually means regarding estimated delivery. How late of availability is the black top. Delivery in Nov/Dec or 2022?
  12. Fatdaddy

    2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    I have no experience specifically with this. Need some simplified help here. I’m getting a Wildtrak. Family of 4 (2 very young still in car seats). - I understand I can’t get roof rails factory installed. Can they be dealer ordered/installed? -If I want to install roof rails for kayaks or...
  13. Fatdaddy

    2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    Just about to say this for the Wildtrak as well????
  14. Fatdaddy

    News on further order submission delays (current dealer saying so)?

    I had a "conversation" with my dealer today. Avoided my phone call so it was via text. Sounds like he isn't being provided news that ordering will begin on the 19th. Said no news was passed to him regarding them beginning converting reservations to orders and couldn't provide me an update. He is...
  15. Fatdaddy

    First pics of rear cup holders and armrest - in 4 door leather WildTrak

    Grew to really love the WT. Would love the same type of shots for the dashes and interior options for all the trims. Definitely would like a more up close view of the dash texture.
  16. Fatdaddy

    Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    Ok, I remember seeing that. I really hope that texture is included into production.
  17. Fatdaddy

    Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    In early images shown to us (understandably now known as concepts) the dash was shown with some type of texture to it, seen in the images below. In almost all of the pre-production models we’ve been seeing, the dash looks to be just smooth plastic with no texture. Has this been asked anywhere or...
  18. Fatdaddy

    2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    They are doing everything they can to push this vehicle to MY22. (I’ll gladly take my WT with the capable bumper as a MY22.) It’s extremely obvious the vehicle is not ready. Whoever’s involved in this shit show of the rollout clearly sucks at their job. And you can only use COVID as an excuse so...
  19. Fatdaddy

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    😝 I’m too anxious and excited about the bronco so I’m always looking out for more news lol. I actually only joined Twitter to ask Levine questions and I don’t think he’s ever responded to one of mine. Maybe I’m too direct sometimes lol. Just nervous to order a $60k vehicle site unseen with how...