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  1. Firefight911

    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    As has been stated, ad nauseam, time and again, the reservations are listed in UTC. Your timezone is irrelevant.
  2. Firefight911

    Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Just got this from my dealer.... " Ford has provided us a estimate of projected allocation for 2021, but final allocation will not be revealed until after the order bank closes, and the Dealership reservation-order conversion rate is determined. Ford will then compare each Dealerships...
  3. Firefight911

    Dealers Allocations? whose making it for MY21? whose on MY22?

    And knowing the difference between whose and who’s wouldn’t hurt either!!!
  4. Firefight911

    Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Oh, come on man, I am cutting in front....cutsies!!
  5. Firefight911

    Bronco allocations released to dealers

    If your dealer offers it through them, then you can get it. My dealer is doing this. No, Ford is not offering it. There still are good dealers out there though that are sharing the pain of our misery from Ford's corporate inefficiencies and deficiencies.
  6. Firefight911

    Walnut Creek Ford Is Here For The Bronco Community

    Alright, looks like we are getting closer. Finally got to review the colors live and in-person with my wife. Man, she shot a bunch of lead into both Cactus Gray and Area51. Carbonized Gray it is!!! HA. Shahram, with our updates, I have forwarded you an email with a pdf that covers everything...
  7. Firefight911

    What is your final build?

    Wildtrak 4-door Carbonized Gray Lux Package Tow Package Block Heater Keyless Entry Pad MIC Top Sound Deadening Tube Steps Floor Liners That should just about do it.
  8. Firefight911

    Found a Wildtrak in Area 51 (4 Door / Soft Top)

    Finally got to take the wife, yes, this is her Bronco, to look at the actual, in-person colors on the lot at the dealer. She shot the Area 51 and Cactus Gray down as not only, no, but, hell no. Carbonized Gray it is.
  9. Firefight911

    2021 Ranger B&P Colors now available

    That Tremor makes me tremor! Damn, that is one good looking truck!! 7500 lbs conventional towing, that interior, a great look, that interior, very capable, that interior.....
  10. Firefight911

    Anyone else reconsidering due to lack of payload?

    Our Subaru Ascent..... 5000-pound tow and 1400 pound payload. Very different mission but, wow, that's a big variance. Thank goodness I am keeping our 2016 GMC 3500HD Denali long bed crew cab diesel. I can tow a damn house with that thing and bring along the family and dog and cooler and duffels...
  11. Firefight911

    2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    So the capable bumper is doing exactly what Ford is capable of proving, yet, again, that Ford is capable of screwing something else up on this launch. It also shows that they are not capable of proofing their releases before putting them into our capable hands. I am pretty sure my...
  12. Firefight911

    Is it time for Ford to build a 4Runner Competitor?

    The 4-Runner is about to undergo a complete refresh. I would expect to see the reveal from this in March/April of this year.
  13. Firefight911

    🚗 “New Website”!! Bronco Body Decals 😍 🤔

    I will be getting the window flags for sure!
  14. Firefight911

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    Good grief, that was painful to listen to. I made it about four minutes before I had to shut it off. Good grief! That's the best Ford can do for an information outlet? Ugh!!!!
  15. Firefight911

    More Off-Roadeo Locations announced: Moab, Vermont, Nevada (in addition to Austin)

    Oh, heck yes! I’ll bring some of the arsenal down for that kind of fun. If it is Pahrump, I am bringing the adventure motorcycle too. I have ridden down there for years on adventure motorcycles and it is an epic place to go!!!!
  16. Firefight911

    More Off-Roadeo Locations announced: Moab, Vermont, Nevada (in addition to Austin)

    My bet is Pahrump for the Nevada event. Once we know the when, where, and who is going we should coordinate a caravan. I am also the Sacramento area, for example!
  17. Firefight911

    What features are you getting that you DON'T want?

    A delay in getting it.... Relax, Francis, it's a joke!
  18. Firefight911

    First Year Bronco's will get hit with BIG Depreciation (claims article)

    Who writes this....who reads this crap? Seriously, who buys a car for the resale value? Cars fulfill an emotional role for me. I drive them as long as I enjoy them or they stop holding up their end of the real by breaking and costing me a lot of money. Don't care about resale and never have.
  19. Firefight911

    Breaking news: January ordering, Summer delivery, Black First Edition interior, no manual Sasquatch & more

    Bummer for sure but I am fine with it. Bring it when it is ready and I will head down to my dealer and pick it up. Frees up some summertime for other activities but will definitely have me keyed up for my trip down to Death Valley next March with her so we can explore the area off road where I...