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  1. dingle87

    Ford Ordering Email received today

    I thought it was nice to see them put into an official email the manual/Sas package for MY2022. Many were worried about that around here the last few weeks. It appears (for now) that anxiety can be put to rest.
  2. dingle87

    🚨Cactus Gray Black Diamond with steel wheels (2-Door)

    I just looked at the order packet pdf. Not good news. The Black Diamond steelies will be gloss black, not satin. That was a bummer for me.
  3. dingle87

    2021 Ranger B&P Colors now available

    $42k for the Ranger Tremor Package. :oops: :unsure::unsure:
  4. dingle87

    🚨Cactus Gray Black Diamond with steel wheels (2-Door)

    Really? That’s good news for me too. Thanks
  5. dingle87

    Uh oh. Levine coming with sad news [to be updated when posted]

    Yeah... I’m also sick of everything being turned into a political conversation. I miss the days when politics wasn’t at the forefront of every discussion. I miss when people just had views, which they kept to themselves and didn’t try to impress them on everyone else every day of their lives.
  6. dingle87

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    Ford created this confusion since launch. No one should defend them, but we should all have questions as to why or how they could’ve been this unprepared on many different levels? If someone would’ve told me back in July this is where we’d be entering January, I’d have laughed at them. Well...
  7. dingle87

    More of Carbonized Gray Outer Banks and Roast Interior

    maybe they will do something with the stitching, but it doesn't appear they will. I still think the Base has the best interior option as far as colors. I prefer the MGV interior, but it also comes with the blue or cyber orange stitching situation depending upon model. I'm not pissy about it...
  8. dingle87

    More of Carbonized Gray Outer Banks and Roast Interior

    Yep. I don't understand the blue stitching on these things. I think if the stitching were black or matching color it would look awesome. I like the Carb Gray with the tan/black interior, that contrast is nice, but the blue stitching just looks weird to me. It isn't a deal breaker, but it...
  9. dingle87

    What are the differences between Base Sasquatch and Black Diamond Sasquatch?

    After reading the responses and going back to B&P, it appears my true decision is BaseManSquatch vs BD no squatch. They come out to a wash on cost. It might come down to if 33’s fit on BD and what my intended use will be. That’ll drive my decision.
  10. dingle87

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    Back in the saddle after a couple days of evaluation. I'm pricing out Base and Black Diamond Broncos, both 2.3L/manual. I'm still considering Sas for both options, but that all depends how this pricing structure ends up in the next couple months. As an October Granger guy, I guess I hope they...
  11. dingle87

    What are the differences between Base Sasquatch and Black Diamond Sasquatch?

    This is very helpful to have this thread. I'm deciding between the same 2 models, except I'm back to BaseManSquatch and BlackManSquatch. I'm considering both without Squatch as well. Thanks for starting this.
  12. dingle87

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    I would like Ford to info My 04 F150 has been giving me the same signals. "is it time to part with or can I get more time out of it" type discussions. My family loves having a truck, but not at the expense of the savings account/budget. It's almost a monthly conversation at my house. Good luck!
  13. dingle87

    Ford finally got me....

    Thanks for the feedback on the catch can/good full synthetic oil. I was one that got scared off by the 2.3L catch can discussion + pairing that with a brand new never used manual tranny, I figured why not upgrade to the 2.7L for $1895? Well, that's changed, so now I'm back thinking longer...
  14. dingle87

    Ford finally got me....

    Yep, see my post above.
  15. dingle87

    Ford finally got me....

    Revisiting this after the corrections to B&P over the weekend. Anyone swing back to 2.3L/manual, from the 2.7L/auto, like I have? I've started building Broncos again with the 2.3L/manual. I'm getting back to my original manual is a must after a bit of sticker shock, plus I could buy an...
  16. dingle87

    Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    In the same boat actually, I have an 04 F150 that I'm trying to decide if I'll keep or not (leaning towards not keeping). I agree on the options/packaging situation as well. I'm back to thinking Base and building this out to be something similar to the Black Diamond over time. I won't know...
  17. dingle87

    Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    That's great! Enjoy that rig. I grew up with one like in my avatar, 1966 1/2 cab Bronco, and my parents loved that thing. They had to get rid of it due to family hardship back in the mid 80's, but every time I look at these my mind wonders to that 66 wondering if I could get it back. Good...