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  1. When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    You need to add some zeros on the end of it before putting it “to work” is going to make any sort of difference. What’s the current risk free rate? T-bills have done negative yield. Long term rates were under 1%. P/E ratios are in the 30s and 40s. So if I buy now, at constant ratios my...
  2. 1st Things You'll Do After Delivery

    Drive it straight to my brother’s garage to remove the MIC top. Gotta go back to the dealer to get the soft top, don’tchya know? Drop the soft top low, retrieve my wife and drive around all night. Gonna do a slow crawl up JFK Boulevard East. (Shout out to my Northern Jersey folks, who should...
  3. 2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    I built many Badlands with 2.7, 4A. B&P would allow upgrade to the 4.7 axle at no additional charge. sounds like the previous 2.7 and auto package, which was only $300 more than just auto on its own. Dank Ferrik, Ford and its half-assed B&P.
  4. 2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    That is a sensible limitation. How can you have the computer automatically throwing you into 4H on slippery roads if you’re using a manual transmission? That limitation is a feature, not a bug
  5. Why does the 4-Dr look so long?

    The 4 door looks long due to the fish eye effect of taking a photo with a cell phone. The focal length equivalent of an iPhone 10 is 28mm if it were on an old school DLR camera. That’s the lens that you use for taking sunsets and mountain vistas - NOT for a flattering photo of a person’s face...
  6. What material is MIC?

    I don’t know about the gray one, but the black MIC top is made from Unobtanium.
  7. Defender has breached the perimeter, Wranglers overrunning us! Hurry!

    There are a lot of young professionals where I live. Lot of disposable income. We are lousy with Jeeps in my parking garage, they’re a dime a dozen. Even Rubicons are downright common, though I question how many get any more off-road than driving on Northern Jersey’s legendarily shitty roads...
  8. If Ford was granted a mulligan...

    You are the only person I have noticed who actively did not want a V6. Why is that? Are you looking for a V8? Is it a save-gasoline thing and you want the 4 cylinder instead?
  9. The Jeep Wrangler is less aerodynamic than a lobster

    GPM. Not Miles per Gallon, but rather Gallons per Mile. Ooof. That’s gotta hurt in the wallet. :-)
  10. Have MPG and Invoice price been revealed?

    I finally made first contact with my dealer last week. They’re anticipating real pricing data before the end of January. Probably next week. Just a little longer. If you’re concerned about MPG then this probably isn’t the ride for you. Just sayin’. Pre-Covid, I rode mass transit nonstop...
  11. Who “wants” to be delayed???

    I’m going to be MY22 because of my October reservation. That’s ok, my old car has plenty of life in it. But I’m hoping to be at the front of the line for MY22 or be accelerated to late 21 due to having a pretty standard build. Badlands, no squatch, yes 2.7 and auto. Charcoal, I’m fine with the...
  12. Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    That is true. But also useless except to other Bronco owners. So at least we got that going for us. No point in stealing them unless you have a Bronco or work on them, and then its pretty obvious if they’re stolen because they'll be weathered, scratched, etc.
  13. 1996 Eddie Bauer vs 2021 Bronco Black Diamond 2-Door (with measurements)

    Any pictures of this happening? Love to see it. That’s my biggest concern because my boy is destined to be tall.
  14. 1996 Eddie Bauer vs 2021 Bronco Black Diamond 2-Door (with measurements)

    ZOMG I have been waiting for this kind of data point for months!
  15. Remote start - how doesn’t it get stolen?

    actually, it’s called a relay attack. The thieves can start your car without the fob that’s on your keychain. They have a box that amplifies the car’s signal to ask for a fob code, then record the fob’s reply that got sent by your keys from inside your house. They then use that code to take your...
  16. GVWR + Fat Wife

    Thanks for making the decision to block you so easy.
  17. Keep seeing post on possible price increases for MY22.

    I don’t even have my own garage. Or a driveway, for that matter. And I’m pretty sure the parking ramp isn’t going to let Ford open their train-crossing type barriers.
  18. Interesting: Size comparison Bronco Sport to stock Wrangler

    My wife is Karen and she wouldn’t get caught dead in a pink vehicle. Just FWIW.