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  1. Garemlin

    For those with an extra reservation... The math...

    Just saw a guy on a FB group who said he has 3 reservations. Two in his name and one in his wife's name.
  2. Garemlin

    Questions for Non-Wrangler haters

    Another thing to note. With a Wrangler you will get a good amount of water draining in on on your leg after a rain storm. This is due to the rain gutter that runs above the windows. As soon as you open the door any water sitting in that channel will drain forward onto your leg. The ony way to...
  3. Garemlin

    The Unthinkable Just Happened

    If it wasn't for that damn rotary shifter. I don't know if I could live with that.
  4. Garemlin

    Bronco Pickup Truck design sketch discovered in Ford video?!

    I would buy one in a second. I don't have the need for a full size truck. But the utility of a bed would be nice. Towing should be more than the Bronco as well. Removable doors and top panels. Sold!!! If it gets announced before I'm ready to buy I'm waiting.
  5. Garemlin

    B&P changed - last night/today - not sure

    $47k for a Lariat with the Tremor package. They make you bump up to a higher regular package to get Tremor.
  6. Garemlin

    Newbies afraid to test drive a wrangler?

    Similar thing happend with the Gladiator. Many bought them never having driven a Wrangler. I saw many people dumping them after a month or two because they were expecting it to be like a Ram or F-150.
  7. Garemlin

    2 Door Outer Banks in Area 51

    That rear wiper sweep is pretty sad.
  8. Garemlin

    Heritage Edition Bronco Confirmed! (E5G / E5H) - Update: Not Until MY2022

    This with these wheels. Take my money now!!!
  9. Garemlin

    Custom colors by painting

    I'm all for customs and one-offs. But damn. To add $8-$10k for a quality paint job or $5k for a wrap that isn't permanent to a $45k plus vehicle?? I'll wait it out until they have a color I love.
  10. Garemlin

    Uh oh. Levine coming with sad news [to be updated when posted]

    True. But no reason not to wait until all the facts of whatever it is are available. Instead of making a hype it up post.
  11. Garemlin

    Bronco - Have it your way...

    Big Bend 4door -Grabber or nitrous blue -2.7/auto -Advance 4x4 -MGV washout interior in a light color -Black MIC top -Mid package with heated steering wheel included -Wireless charging -Tow package -Factory 33's That would be my forever vehicle.
  12. Garemlin

    Uh oh. Levine coming with sad news [to be updated when posted]

    If it was of major importance why make a build-up post?? Just come out and say what it is instead of creating unnecessary drama.
  13. Garemlin

    What sort of weird things are you cross shopping the bronco with?

    Not really cross shopping ATM as the Bronco is what I really want. And my target buy date is still two years out. But if something happens that I can't get a Bronco that I really want and for a reasonable price by then I'll explore then. Right now my top choices to shop would be... Next gen...
  14. Garemlin

    Maisto Unveils 1:24 Scale Bronco Badlands 2-Door

    Nice. I've never ran across any of the 1/24 scale Jada. Just the 1/18 and 1/64.
  15. Garemlin

    Badlands vs Jeep Rubicon - Price Comparison (Opened My Eyes)

    Jeep still wins one for having a stand alone cold weather package with heated seats, steering wheel and remote start. Stupidest thing ever ti have to go all the way up to Lux to get the heated steering wheel.
  16. Garemlin

    Slide Out Tailgate Tray: Gimmick or Necessity

    After watching the video on how to store the doors on board I have to agree. That's a lot of work just to be able to carry your doors around. I'd rather just take them off and store them in the garage until I get home.
  17. Garemlin

    Maisto Unveils 1:24 Scale Bronco Badlands 2-Door

    Nice!! I need some new Broncos to go with my Gen 1's.
  18. Garemlin

    Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    I'm not seeing an increase. In fact my identical builds, a BB and BD both with hard top, towing, mid and the 2.7/auto, dropped by $100.
  19. Garemlin

    Ford colors currently offered...why not the Bronco

    I hate to say it. But the more time that has passed and the multitude of pics released, when I see a four door Bronco in the basic boring colors it's stating to look like just any other SUV out there. Really hoping the get over the "playing it safe" colors and bring some fun colors to the...