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  1. Uncle Gump

    For those with an extra reservation... The math...

    So buying things and selling them for a profit (which is way higher then 10%) makes me less then a decent human being? What the hell kind of money man are you?
  2. Uncle Gump

    Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    I apologize... I read it as 35's with a 4.45 gear and 33's with a 4.73 gear
  3. Uncle Gump

    Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    You have this backwards...
  4. Uncle Gump

    Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    we need two baby bottles in the sasquatch thread please...
  5. Uncle Gump

    Northern Illinois

    JUST WONDERING WHY YOU HAVE TO YELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! I never intended to be a first year buyer. I still don't regret that decision one bit. To many options coming with the two vehicles that have had a parking spot in the driveway since 1977. Early Bronco's and Ford Rangers. Been a cool ride...
  6. Uncle Gump

    If Ford was granted a mulligan...

    I think they should have built two Broncos... 2 and 4 door (only because the 4 door sales will be higher) with near perfect execution All necessary safety items... the 2.3L with either a manual or auto. Two suspensions... an on road tuned/moderate duty off road configuration... and sasquatch...
  7. Uncle Gump

    Bronco Overlanding for Beginners: Request for Advice

    I haven't even looked up the specs for this one... but it did catch my eye. It's really a spin on a teardrop camper... I see something very similar in my future.
  8. Uncle Gump

    Bronco Easter Egg Discovery Leads to Bronco Knoll

    It's probably the engineering data for the solid front axle and a V8.
  9. Uncle Gump

    2022 HERITAGE PACKAGE (Everything it will most likely Include)

    Half cab with a real tailgate and a swing out tire carrier?
  10. Uncle Gump

    Uh oh. Levine coming with sad news [to be updated when posted]

    You people are your own worst enemies... The only thing about the revival of the Bronco badge that disappoints me is the mentality of about 70% of the "enthusiasts" on this forum.
  11. Uncle Gump

    Direct Question From Mike Levine

    I haven't even looked at the build site... I was always a year two buyer... maybe even third year. I'm still praying they will bring a pickup version to the Brand. I find it hard to believe all the gaskets that got blown over those simple words. Probably a couple hundred pages of rants. Many...
  12. Uncle Gump

    Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    Jeep Bouncing - Bing video
  13. Uncle Gump

    Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    I'll take a two door on a four door wheelbase... pretty please. Better yet... an extended cab pick up... with a tailgate.
  14. Uncle Gump

    Ford Email Update!

    adding you to my ignore list....
  15. Uncle Gump

    Positivity thread!

    Honestly... I think this site got bad overnight. The night after the reveal. It's never been the same. I think the new Bronco6G bumper sticker offering should simply be... Many of you folks are killin my buzz...