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  1. Stampede.Offroad

    2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    Are you the type of person who wants to bring $50k worth of glamping supplies with you, or are you OK sleeping in a tent and eating bolongna sandwiches? You can go "overlanding" on a bycicle or in a $2m land yacht, what are you aiming for?
  2. Stampede.Offroad

    Will they eventually build a F-150 Bronco?

    Other than telling us they will make what customers will buy, Ford has given no indication that they plan to make any such thing. So if Broncos in general are a raging success, then yes, they will probably make more kinds. If instead their marketing research team tells them the customer base...
  3. Stampede.Offroad

    News on further order submission delays (current dealer saying so)?

    That's exactly how many products are supplied. Usually closer to the commodity end of the supply chain though.
  4. Stampede.Offroad

    Why have we yet to see a Spare Tire Cover?

    Well ... they ****** up the front camera already by mounting the winch right in front of it, it wouldn't surprise me that they somehow forgot that putting a cover over the spare tire would block the rear camera. Neither one of those may seem too hard to figure out, but we've already seen one of...
  5. Stampede.Offroad

    Safety rating for the Bronco?

    Not published. If you want a high safety rating though, this probably isn't going to appeal to you. It might beat the Wrangler, but that's just because the Wrangler has a horrendous rating.
  6. Stampede.Offroad

    2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    I was thinking the exact same thing. Aren't most of the airbags made in China because they're full of toxic chemicals?
  7. Stampede.Offroad

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    I'm not really expecting any 21s to be built, so a "change" in color availability for 22 would be surprising. A pleasant surprise though, since I want a real orange that can't be mistaken for schoolbus yellow, and expect to be looking at a 22 anyway because of late availability options.
  8. Stampede.Offroad

    Will driving our stock Broncos in off road conditions potentially void our warranties from Ford?

    Probably not. It depends on what you and FoMoCo can agree on for the definition of "driving" and "off road" and they get to choose everything because you're probably going to unintentionally accept arbitration.
  9. Stampede.Offroad

    More Delays? - What Date will Ordering Really Begin?

    These all seem too optimistic. I'm going with "before 2022 CY".
  10. Stampede.Offroad

    Post Your Prediction - On what date will the first RETAIL Bronco roll off the production line?

    Off the production line? About four months before the owner gets to sign papers for it. The first ones will be sitting around in parking lots going through rounds of QA for months before they're released for sale.
  11. Stampede.Offroad

    Bronco Warthog Price vs Jeep Rubicon 392 Price

    Underbid by $1, just like The Price Is Right, 'cuz they're both pegged to conspicuous consumption indexes, not cost.
  12. Stampede.Offroad

    Compare wind and tire noise with soft top vs MIC

    I think you're over estimating how noisy they both are. People talk on the phone all the time in Wranglers, so if you're expecting less interference from Bronco it definitely won't be a problem ... unless you're really picky.
  13. Stampede.Offroad

    What will be the most popular color

    Yeah, it won't be close. Black will probably be second, and red a distant third.
  14. Stampede.Offroad

    Is your Build Finalized?

    Since I'm expecting at least one late availability option, I won't be on my "final build" for like 6 more months when MY22 comes around probably.
  15. Stampede.Offroad

    What is the best configuration if purchasing for investment - FE n/a

    Exactly. No mass produced vehicle can be expected to do anything but lose value, fast. It is not a good "investment".
  16. Stampede.Offroad

    2.7L PRICE INCREASES! - Time to switch from Badlands 2.7L to Wildtrak??

    I expect nothing to work right or be properly priced until February. So far they're meeting expectations.
  17. Stampede.Offroad

    Levine Says New Bronco Colors and Special Editions Coming!

    Late availability seems to mean 2030 at this point.
  18. Stampede.Offroad

    MY23 Reservations, do they already exist?

    I think it's a function of denial that it is still being referred to as a 21 when delivery doesn't even start until a few weeks before the rest of their models are switching to 22s.
  19. Stampede.Offroad

    Late Availability Accessories. What does it mean when ordering your Bronco?

    If they aren't making 21's available until summer, "late availability" would seem to mean you're getting a '22.
  20. Stampede.Offroad

    What is the difference between the Capable Front Bumper and Heavy Duty Modular

    I'd be more interested in a bumper delete option, since I'll probably replace it anyway.