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  1. Overland_A51

    Video: Wildtrak Bronco 2-Door (Rapid Red) spotted in Arizona 🌡️🔥

    Thank you for sharing. 2 Door Sasquatch 🤤
  2. Overland_A51

    Factory: Sasquatch Base, Outer Banks, Big Bend + Base on steel wheels

    @618TRVLWILD Thank you for the pictures and continuing the bb sas bumper investigation. The order guide shows front not available with sas but did not mention rear. Really great to see the integrated mud flaps not on the sas bb
  3. Overland_A51

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    Going through axle and gearing options, what are Sasquatch standard axles ?
  4. Overland_A51

    Raised by Goats (new Bronco SPORT ads)

    😂 I agree, one of the best Falcons I’ve ever seen. I would love to have it.
  5. Overland_A51

    Raised by Goats (new Bronco SPORT ads)

    Different Vehicle Type Ford Raptor and Ford Falcon
  6. Overland_A51

    Raised by Goats (new Bronco SPORT ads)

    Hopefully a Falcon will return to roost soon 🤤
  7. Overland_A51

    1996 Eddie Bauer vs 2021 Bronco Black Diamond 2-Door (with measurements)

    Thank you for posting and the measurements, will help a lot especially seat edge to edge 53in
  8. Overland_A51

    Area 51 Badlands 4 door non-Sasquatch in Wild

    Thank You 😁 I was worried when I saw this picture of mud flaps integrated into the the rear bumper. Glad Ford is swapping out the rear bumper on sas bb
  9. Overland_A51

    Area 51 Badlands 4 door non-Sasquatch in Wild

    Thank you for sharing. No Related to pic except the color 😁 @618TRVLWILD Any chance of finding out if the integrated mud flaps on BB go away when upgrading to Sasquatch? Thank you
  10. Overland_A51

    Is it 100% the base bronco has A/C?

    Base Model Comes With AC
  11. Overland_A51

    🚨Cactus Gray Black Diamond with steel wheels (2-Door)

    Thank you for posting the pictures. Looks great , been looking forward to a 2d bd cg. In bright daylight cg is completely grey. In the shade/overcast has a green hue.
  12. Overland_A51

    Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    $495 for that ... yikes Think I’ll be looking into the aftermarket for that.
  13. Overland_A51

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Happy New year, James Cameron will need to raise the bar for humanity it was set pretty low for 2020
  14. Overland_A51

    Adding, modifying or otherwise changing factory/OEM options, an intro.

    Forscan is great, added hdc to my 150. Button works great and all the graphics was already installed. Sync is nice , looking forward to the s4 with wireless CarPlay so my phone isn’t charging for hours.
  15. Overland_A51

    Damn 35s are big

    I run KO2 33’s with a 2.7 , no noticeable drop in performance. 2.7 is awesome , don’t think it will impact 35’s though I’m not familiar with what the gearing will do. Included chart from stock to sas
  16. Overland_A51

    Auto Start/Stop

    😂 I push it every time I drive my F-150, it’s not so bad after awhile.