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  1. TigerBronco

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Do we know what the color scheme will be on the dash of the FE if we go with black leather? Navy pier leather has the blue upper and lower with silver in the center. Don't know that I've seen/heard what the dash will look like. Anybody have anything?
  2. TigerBronco

    2021 Bronco Order Guide First Look! [PDF added]

    This can't be right can it? The advanced 4x4 system, E5E, is "O" for First Edition???
  3. TigerBronco

    First Edition Bronco in Lightning Blue! w/ Navy Pier interior....

    Doesn't have the safari bar either. Maybe not quite done with it yet? 🤷‍♂️
  4. TigerBronco

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Why does anyone pay ANY attention to what Levine says anymore? Waste of time.
  5. TigerBronco

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    All true, except the first on the road part. I'm ordering the painted black top. No way I want painted black mirrors and grill with that faded MIC top. So, that puts me as "late availability" and who knows what "late" means any more.
  6. TigerBronco

    Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager [Updated w/ Full Transcript]

    This is all such BS. I'm a huge fan and FE res holder but man, they are really pushing the limits. Can't get roof rack on my 4dr FE? Can't get a freaking tow package on my 4dr FE? B&P doesn't get updated until March?? Esteban is clearly in over his head and corporate Ford (I'm a stock...
  7. TigerBronco

    Pics of Navy Pier Interior in First Edition Bronco

    I like it! Everybody's been hating on Navy Pier but I think it looks good. Going to be the interior of my FE. Now, to decide on the outside? A51 or Cactus Gray? Decisions, decisions.
  8. TigerBronco

    Pics: Cactus Gray on 4 Door Bronco Sasquatch w/ MIC HardTop

    Why is this colorizer no longer on the Ford website? They've only had the 2dr there now for a couple of months. Curious. And yes, I understand the B&P has a colorizer too but the one on the main page (this image was from that one) was much better, IMHO, but they only show the 2dr now...
  9. TigerBronco

    What does your build look like with the black top now?

    Don’t know. When I try to add it to my FE build, I get the pic with top off. Wont let me turn it on with the toggle button. Weird.
  10. TigerBronco

    Video: 2021 Ford Bronco ordering Q&A

    My dealer was very upfront in stating they had about 300 reservations and telling me exactly where I fell in that group (#6), based on timestamp. Certainly, numbers will change with cancellations but not sure why the number of reservations at a particular dealer is some big secret. My first...
  11. TigerBronco

    Bronco order date / bank now opening January? Per dealer

    Very true. I don't think Ford or (many of) the dealers come off looking good in this whole roll-out. That being said, I'll be hanging in there as long as it takes. Bronco looks to be the real deal and I'm in for the long haul. Just wish all those in the loop would do a better job...
  12. TigerBronco


    Well that is interesting. Switched from WA a couple of weeks ago because they stopped answering my questions about x-plan and other questions.
  13. TigerBronco

    Reservation page unavailable

    Not seeing any credit mention either.
  14. TigerBronco

    Reservation page unavailable

    I agree but this is different pic than before. The fender was not previously so obviously misplaced.
  15. TigerBronco

    Reservation page unavailable

    Seems like they are screwing with some of the pics on B&P too. Interior of the FE with doors off. Take a look just to the right of the dash. Sure hope the production model doesn't have sharp metal projecting out like that! 🤣