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  1. BigFootie

    4WP (4 Wheel Parts) Bronco aftermarket parts ready to launch once first 100 vehicles roll off the line.

    @618TRVLWILD , thanks for the lowdown. With more of this information getting out, people can quit freaking out thinking it will be years before 3rd party accessories get out there. There will be plenty parts available long before most of us get our hands on our Bronco’s.
  2. BigFootie

    For those with an extra reservation... The math...

    Yes, it’s a risk as are many investments. But if you get one early and sell it immediately, I’m guessing there are those out there with unlimited wallets that will pay to play. Six months to a year later depending on the roll out, maybe not so much.
  3. BigFootie

    So the Black Diamond and package options...

    Yes. Only color currently available.
  4. BigFootie

    For those with an extra reservation... The math...

    I think what people are trying to say is, there are better ways to make money and not keep somebody on this forum from getting their Bronco 1 person sooner. That being said, just look at what people are asking for toy Broncos on EBay. Who knew someone would be willing to pay 2 - 10x for a toy...
  5. BigFootie

    Base vs. Big Bend

    Based on the pictures, I’d say there is nothing wrong with the steering wheels in the base. I can pretty much guarantee they will hold up longer than the leather if you plan on keeping it a long time. The one in my Escape is “plastic” and just fine. The professionally installed aftermarket...
  6. BigFootie

    Bronco Toys, Diecast, RC

    They look cool as hell. Mine would not turn for crap and couldn’t climb the stairs so it went back. But it did look good IMO.
  7. BigFootie

    What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    Like everyone is saying, a few different colors, a few tweaks to the assembly process, a few changes to the options and of course a few more dollars to purchase. Nothing radical like additional cup holders or towing capacity changed to 7500 pounds.
  8. BigFootie

    Can dealers order units for their customers in whatever order they choose.

    Too bad he wasn’t squatched with 35’s, front and rear lockers and a goat that likes mud!
  9. BigFootie

    Folks with 2 Reservations...

    Took 25 years for my gen 1 Lightning to be worth what I bought it for. They only produced 11.5k of that generation. If you are looking for an investment opportunity, I think you are on the wrong forum. That being said, if you got a invoice or below price and don’t drive it, you should get your...
  10. BigFootie

    What To Do?

    Buy the FE, place it in a barn somewhere without a cover. Come back in 50 years and reap your rewards!
  11. BigFootie

    Drag race between 2.3 vs 2.7 of same configuration.

    Since @damarble said the gen2 - 5 were basically F150’s, can I put this horse into the race? PS: reversed squatched version
  12. BigFootie

    😍 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    Looks great! For a 4 door ;) . Thanks for posting! Optional wheels and tires are looking good up close and personal.
  13. BigFootie

    What # in line are you at your selected dealership?

    No worries, get the hard top. The panel above your seat removes! Seriously, I think they’ve already shown that non vertically challenged people fit fine. Seat moves up and down as well. Good luck finding one to sit in. Wish I could but not to see if I fit.
  14. BigFootie

    Does factory Floor Liners option includes cargo area?

    Having the name of your vehicle on the floor might come in handy after a night of binge drinking. After throwing up, you’ll know it’s your vehicle. And the big bonus is you can wash it out in the morning! Disclaimer: I’m not advocating drinking and driving. Just knowing it’s your vehicle...
  15. BigFootie

    Base vs. Big Bend

    It’s worth what it brings to you. You get 17 inch wheels and tires, tint, one more goat for the pasture, leather wheel and shifter along with built in fogs and of course that much needed passenger grab handle. Other than that it’s a Base that gives you more color and option availability. If...
  16. BigFootie

    OK...How is a 2022MY Order Placed??

    Not with a manual. It comes with 4.7. I’m thinking the 4.46 will be fine with 35’s.
  17. BigFootie

    6 Generations of Bronco Evolution: Styling, Performance, Size, Price

    True in both cases. Still had that horse with its rear legs lifted!
  18. BigFootie

    Pod Lights (or roof lights) - are Aux Switches required?

    She’s a good kid. Well, adult with children now but was a normal young adult that had many boyfriends! We’ll leave it at that!
  19. BigFootie

    When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    I’m sure Zach or Albert will respond but.... As an October reservation, you are pretty much guaranteed to be MY22 like myself. Why would you think they wouldn’t honor the 2k deal? Seems highly improbable they wouldn’t.