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  1. What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    Why choose? I have got 2 day-1 reservations. I’ll order a 2021 and keep my 2nd reservation active. If Ford screws me and pushes again and again the delivery date due to « high demand » items then at that point I will cancel my order and convert the second one and get a 2022. If I get a 2021 in...
  2. Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    So the only difference between a Badlands and a Sasquatch Badlands is 4.7 vs 4.46, a small lift and of course the 35 tires and fenders. We already know we can order the fenders as an accessory and of course 35 tires. I would gladly order Sasquatch from the factory, but I need a roof rack and...
  3. 2022 Roof Rack Package

    This has nothing to do with making a lighter Bronco. Bronco has poor payload yeah, but it’s more than enough for the rack. Plus a Badlands is heavier with less payload than a Sasquatched Big bend, yet Badlands can have the roof rack but not the Sasquatch. Again, nothing to do with GVWR. Ford...
  4. Bronco GVWR Excel file + SAS weight + V6 weight + package weights

    Yes. Everything possible for that trim
  5. 2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    Same for me. I want Sasquatch but no roof rack available. Might force me to get a BL with stock 33 tires. Aftermarket may take months to have a good solution. I need to use the rack right away since I plan on camping all summer and I have a RTT.
  6. 2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    How will you order it, since it is not part of the accessory list you can order?!
  7. Bronco GVWR Excel file + SAS weight + V6 weight + package weights

    its the curb weight of the vehicle with all options possible. I did not calculate this, it comes from Ford.
  8. 2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    Overland vehicles have in general 1500+ payload. That's very little payload. If you overland with just one person with light gear it's enough though. If you start to add steel everywhere, winch, etc well you are screwed.
  9. 2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    Here is an Excel file I put together, as well as calculated the weight of the V6 engine, mid and lux package and Sasquatch package for you. Bronco GVWR Excel file + SAS weight + V6 weight + package weights...
  10. Real world Factory Bronco Headliner (by Coverking) reviews

    Indeed. And factory is more expensive because it comes installed.
  11. Real world Factory Bronco Headliner (by Coverking) reviews

    So with the new accessory list we know Coverking makes the Bronco sound deadening headliner I checked their website (LINK) and they make exactly the same one we saw from the Bronco picture, for the Wrangler. So I looked on some forums for reviews and there are positive. example...
  12. Bronco GVWR Excel file + SAS weight + V6 weight + package weights

    Here you go. All the weights in an excel file (except MT but easy to add) with my calculated Sasquatch weight / V6 weight / Mid package and lux package weight. The payload has very little variation with Ford file in some trims mostly due to the ESOF/EMTC. Key take aways: If you want good...
  13. Dealer Visit: !) What they said about ordering. 2) Test drove FE Bronco Sport. 3) Area 51 & Cactus Grey.

    You are not gonna like the Bronco then. The Bronco Sport FE is 3707 lbs, with 250HP that is 0.067 HP per pound. The Bronco 4D FE is 5226 lbs and with 310 HP that is 0.059 HP per pound or 13% less power per pound. Comparing the same with Torque gives a negligible 2% advantage for the Bronco...
  14. 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4XE

    Well, to put it another way: - Every single day you leave your house with the car (think going groceries, restaurant, go to the park, work, etc) you will drive 25 miles without spending $1 on gas. You will also greatly participate in reducing emmissions on earth at the same time. - Every...
  15. Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner - A few important questions!

    How do you plan your headliners to fit the Bronco top? Will it have 100% coverage like the OEM one? Or will it be more like the Jeep one that only cover the recessed areas of the top? From the Bronco top pictures it sounds like if it’s the later, then your headliners won’t cover a lot. Please...
  16. 2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    so the question should be what can we get in 2021? 4 wheels maybe.
  17. Sasquatch tires possibly very light

    So the Sasquatch tire is the new Goodyear Territory MT. This tire is already available in 265/60/20 on Tire rack for a wight of 42 lbs in Load C range. The popular BFG KO2 are only available in E load range for this size, at 57 lbs. However, I could compare 2 KO2 of the same size (285/70/17)...
  18. Helpful 32″ vs 35″ Tire Comparison Review

    Are you really comparing the 35in MT tire with the all season and AT 32? All I am comparing are the 2 same tires: the 35in MT and the 32in MT in the video. Comparing other 32s with the 35 MT makes 0 sense since they are not the same tires. He clearly explains the 35 MT are actually better in...
  19. Helpful 32″ vs 35″ Tire Comparison Review

    After reading a hundred time on this forum that 35s will handle much worst, make more noise, increase breaking distance compared to 33s, by people who actually never compared it back to back, I started to rule out sasquatch. Now I found this helpful video, reviewing All Season VS light AT VS...
  20. Capable Front Bumper vs Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper

    So we still do not know if the Capable bumper is still or plastic?