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  1. 2021 Bronco body spotted at Line-X headquarter

    Interested to see what this might be about. I'm giving serious consideration to giving LineX treatment to my bumpers, grill, flairs, and rock rails if for no other reason to make the GD colors match. I guess we can put the hardtop on that list too. We shall see. I know it's a bit cliched but...
  2. [Updated] 2021 Bronco Order Bank Starts 1/19-20 + Production and Delivery Timeline (From Ford Web Meeting Today)!

    I'm with the same model. And I need my new truck. My current may not last and it is not worth putting another cent into. It has to make it to the finish line.
  3. Anyone else find this a bit concerning?

    Looks like my junk drawer where I keep all the old cables for devices that I don't even own anymore.
  4. Lux Package Buyers - Cost/Benefit

    I mean I don't buy a new truck that often. I'm turning 50 and this is only my 3rd new car purchase. I figure I should get what I want. Is it worth it for the stereo upgrade and heated steering wheel? Probably not. ...but eff it.
  5. Lux Package Buyers - Cost/Benefit

    Likely going Lux simply due to the "eff it" factor.
  6. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    Wait, so the hardtop we're getting CAN be removed in pieces? I can do it alone? Appears so. There was another thread I missed. So while I am not high on the color, this seems workable. And I happy that I don't have to take it off in 1 piece. That means I can enjoy the top off!!
  7. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    I love this place. 18 pages and counting on sound deadening on the roof. Perhaps we should add a poll. Factory or Hotheads? Seems like Hotheads is the way to go. Forum discount?!? C'mon, man! 😁
  8. Bronco - Have it your way...

    2 DR Badlands Cactus Gray with all other exterior parts matching black (including top) 2.7L Auto 33's with BD black steelies Mid Package with add on additional sound deadening, 12" screen, and stereo upgrade Now if we're talking anything under the sun... Some minor engine upgrades and exhaust...
  9. RUSSIAN off roader coming to market!

    Makes me actually want a Ridgeline.
  10. New engine poll because of B&P price increase.

    Yeah, it's not so much a matter of this increase, it's more of what is next...
  11. Walkaround video of Outer Banks Sasquatch in Carbonized Gray Exterior & Roast Interior

    The interior looks appropriate with the carbonized gray.
  12. Area 51 and carbonized grey on the Sport.

    The carbonized gray is nice. A lot of people are down on grays overall, but the carbonized gray needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. Its a metallic color. Its very sharp. Was in my top 3 but I'm going cactus gray and I plan to black out everything else on the truck.
  13. 1976 Bronco options with pricing

    Can you imagine? I always wanted to order everything on a menu, at least once.
  14. Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    It is showing that but for some reason, my total is still the same prior to this new "glitch". I have to go to work so I can play on the B+P right now.
  15. Ford finally got me....

    It's my daily driver and I will have all the power and all the luxury...well, a lot of it. I earned my man card long ago. I don't have to prove jack. I'll take that V6 and auto for $1800. I'll add a few bolt-on upgrades down the road and maybe a tune. There will be ZERO regrets.
  16. Delivery Mileage - How much is too much?

    I went to my local Ford dealer to see A51 on a Bronco Sport in person. As I pulled up, I saw it leaving the lot. Great. Wasted trip. There were other colors in stock so I pulled in to see them. The salesman said the A51 was not sold and would be back. Shortly thereafter, the truck returns...