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  1. PhoenixM3

    Drag race between 2.3 vs 2.7 of same configuration.

    Agree that it’s a simple motor and probably more reliable, but boost is what I need at 7500’ elevation.
  2. PhoenixM3

    Confirmed - Raptor To Get V-8, Will The Warthog Get One Too?

    Yep, the 7.3 has smaller dimensions, but is heavier. Not sure if the rumored 6.8 aluminum motor will make it as the new Mustang engine, but that would be the ideal non FI engine.
  3. PhoenixM3

    Confirmed - Raptor To Get V-8, Will The Warthog Get One Too?

    Much heavier than the 5.2 too.
  4. PhoenixM3

    Ken Block and Ford part ways; is Ford totally out of their minds?

    Exactly. If you’re only an off-roading enthusiast you may another know him, but he brings great press to Ford and Ford needs it.
  5. PhoenixM3

    Waiting on the black top.

    MIC tops matter.
  6. PhoenixM3

    Bring On 2021!!!

    Well, we had a good 5 day run...... Can’t wait for ‘22.
  7. PhoenixM3

    GVWR + Fat Wife

    Divorce proceedings filed in 3, 2, 1........
  8. PhoenixM3

    2021 Bronco chassis closeups (frame, suspension, axles, hubs, engine) 🐎🚦🛣️

    That’s ok, the body slides easily (on its roof)......
  9. PhoenixM3

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Yay! Maybe VB will arrive in ‘22.....;)
  10. PhoenixM3

    Confirmed: Sasquatch with manual transmission Bronco will be 2022 model year

    I don’t think it’s even a rumor that the 2.7 will be equipped with a manual. We do know we can’t get a manual tranny with the SAS package (4 cylinder) until MY22.
  11. PhoenixM3

    🚨Cactus Gray Black Diamond with steel wheels (2-Door)

    Bronco Sport looks absolutely pedestrian in comparison.
  12. PhoenixM3

    Happy New Year everyone!

    The upcoming year has got to be better
  13. PhoenixM3

    Broncos in the Shipping Yard! ⛽🧭🚞

    What? We have to share them, didn’t you read the fine print in your reservation package? It’s Ford version of a timeshare.
  14. PhoenixM3

    Auto Start/Stop

    I agree And have similar concerns.
  15. PhoenixM3

    7MT Shift Indicator?

    It’ll likely be present and will be disabled (likely) using Forscan. Dumb current Ford features like the double honk when you exit and shut a car door with the car running will be defeat-able as well.