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  1. PSUTE

    The 2021 4Runner sounds like a real winner.

    Only Toyota that can compete the with a Bronco is the FJ. Bad ass. Too bad they D/C'd them in 2014. Wife saw one in a parking lot coupla days ago and said "that's a good looking jeep" Had to explain it to her. Yeah, if I could have bought one new 3 years ago, done deal, would not be here...
  2. PSUTE

    Northern Illinois

    I have been pre appoved for the maximum I could possibly option on my Base for months. Pretty sure most up in here got the same offer...
  3. PSUTE

    Towing Package Photos???

    Agree 100%. Nice to know that you can get one from a dealer if you feel you will be OK with a factory style one for less than factory cost. Even with a basket, torque against the frame is much more stable than torque against a cross piece. 75 lbs of bicycles is not going to be an issue...
  4. PSUTE

    Towing Package Photos???

    Buying a base, so no hitch for me. Good riddance. Will buy a class III or IV after market which attaches to the frame as opposed to 4 bolts in a cross member. Far more stable...
  5. PSUTE

    Summit Racing has 2021 Bronco axles listed

    Not gonna order any thing until my Bronco is in my driveway. Nice to know that more of the aftermarket is gearing up for us though...
  6. PSUTE

    What Lights to Order When Order Bronco Next Week?

    These. Get the switch option and add your own. Biggest pain in the ass is where and how to attach switches. $195 is a bargain to dodge that bullet....
  7. PSUTE

    What # in line are you at your selected dealership?

    I'll find out when I go in to order it. Got 3 strikes out of the deadly 6. Not gonna change my build. Do it right or do it fast...
  8. PSUTE

    1974 Grabber Blue Ford Bronco at Mecum Auction

    Terrific first post!!!
  9. PSUTE

    Whose dealer still has no clue

    And as such, curious. Have you ever run into the unique situation that is going on with this roll out? Who do you trust to make themself an expert and gets that it will pay off later down the road? Upper management has to have the long view in mind, What would you do?...
  10. PSUTE

    Pod Lights (or roof lights) - are Aux Switches required?

    I'll take KC Hiltes for 1/3 the price Bob....
  11. PSUTE

    Special Edition Models for 2022?

    Not me. '21s will be Unicorns. 100% custom customer orders. Never happened in my lifetime. The original owner will be a part of the vehicle's history.
  12. PSUTE

    Pod Lights (or roof lights) - are Aux Switches required?

    '74 Econoline. Dated one girl whose parents would not let her go out with me if I picked her up in it. Smart on their part, but mom's '76 Cordoba with rich Corinthian leather seats took a pounding...
  13. PSUTE

    Whose dealer still has no clue

    If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit... :)...
  14. PSUTE

    Lancaster PA Chapman Ford Non-refundable deposit!!!

    Gonna see a lot of this going forward. Dealers screwing folks over, and them coming up in here for answers...
  15. PSUTE

    Hypothetical ordering scenario

    Expecting an influx of noobs up in here once they go to their dealers to order and meet Mr. ADM.
  16. PSUTE

    Extended Warranties: To buy or not to buy?

    Had a Cobalt with an extended warranty bought from the dealer. At 60000 the front end started having issues. Went to a different dealer for repair, told him the extended warranty was in the glove box. Paid my $100 deductable on a $900 repair. Ended up breaking even on it. I will consider an...
  17. PSUTE

    Different reservation date.

    Early afternoon on 14th. Has not changed...
  18. PSUTE

    Tweeting Mike Levine with a question did NOT work...

    Wow, that was quick, I hope you pissed in his Wheaties on your way out, that would at least give a good reason for it...
  19. PSUTE

    So who'll be the first to break out the sawzall and void their warranties?

    You had me at acetylene... :D...
  20. PSUTE

    Towing 2.3 vs 2.7

    If you are planning to do serious towing, buy an after market class III or IV hitch that will distribute weight to the frame as opposed to the single rear cross member offered by Ford... Should be able to go up to at least 5000 lbs with appropriate additional modifications...