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  1. jsharpe

    What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    If I place my order during the reservation holder window I expect Ford to honor that price. I won't look at it kindly if they try and force a price increase on me just because they can't build them fast enough or they got too many orders.
  2. jsharpe

    Ceramic Coatings Impact on Color?

    I think a quality application will last more than a couple of years. But my son's Mercedes ceramic coating started to fail after about 4 and looked absolutely horrible when freshly washed. Patches were coated and other places not. The worst part was there was nothing we could realistically do...
  3. jsharpe

    😍 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    If you're mainly interested in looks then I would tend to agree. However, the main reason I want the 35's over the 33's is the extra bit of ground clearance. I don't plan on much/any rock crawling, but the roads I do plan on taking the Bronco on need as much ground clearance and possible...
  4. jsharpe

    Official PPF (paint protection film) installation guide from Ford vendor [PDF]

    That's a very helpful diagram. I also want more than this. Judging by many of our other cars, the area under the grill is going to be a rock magnet. I'll also likely have the frame around the windscreen done. I.e. basically all the forward facing surfaces plus a bit of the hood.
  5. jsharpe

    Trail Turn Assist

    for convenience if you haven't seen it Rivian tank turn video
  6. jsharpe

    Jackpot! Bronco Black Diamond (Iconic Silver) seen up close & personal this morning

    It's easy to see the spray pattern on the right front passenger door. I wonder if an off-road friendly (i.e. small) mud flap could prevent that without impacting capability too much. Given that the road "sand" they use around here is basically pea gravel I could see lots of dings from stuff...
  7. jsharpe

    Damn 35s are big

    Very useful. A couple of takeaways for me were the need for proper gearing and sufficient power needed to run 35's. But if you have those then the benefits of the 35's off-road seem pretty clear. A squatched BL with the 2.7 looks awesome on paper. Just which I could actually drive one ;)
  8. jsharpe

    Cancellations are making headlines ...

    I just cancelled one of my two reservations. I'll hold on to the the 2nd (October Granger deal) for a bit longer, but my tolerance for further delays and/or price increases is a very hard zero at this point. There are plenty of other vehicles that I would be quite happy with. I'd like a Bronco...
  9. jsharpe

    Conversion Percentage from Bronco Reservations to Bronco Sold Orders

    I understand your point and if the goal was to maximize conversions then upping the reservation cost would help since only people who were fairly serious would give Ford that interest free loan. On the other hand if the goal was to spark interest and buzz then the stupid low reservation cost...
  10. jsharpe

    What are you buying instead of a Bronco?

    Not cancelled either of my reservations just yet, but now on the fence. The delays have pushed my likely delivery dates into about the same period as the Rivian R1T 400+ and the price increases have moved into roughly similar territory as well (after factoring in the EV incentives.)
  11. jsharpe

    Purchased a "bridge" Vehicle until the Bronco delivers

    I hadn't initially been considering the Rivian until my Bronco build now looks like it will slip well into 2022. Which puts them both in the same time frame. Different tradeoffs, but both have strong points for me.
  12. jsharpe

    What sort of weird things are you cross shopping the bronco with?

    Had previously only considered the Bronco for my next vehicle (4dr, Squatched 2.7 BL). However, with my build now slipping well into 2022 the Rivian (R1T 400+) is coming into play. It would easily go on all the same off-road routes that I would take the Bronco on and actually be a better...
  13. jsharpe

    Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift

    I totally agree and this lack of clarity is a bit frustrating. Since both my reservations are "late" I'm certain I'll be in the MY22 group. As you stated, we don't know how that MY22 allotment will work. So we don't actually know if our late reservations actually mean anything. It's possible...
  14. jsharpe

    Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift

    I never said they would and our builds will get delivered over time as ell. Which is the point of my question. Over what period of time is the allocation method supposed to cover? For example, when Ford says a dealer will get 50% of their reservations based on the previously described...
  15. jsharpe

    Updated Bronco FAQ: Order Conversion/Dealer Selection Deadline Now March 19

    +1 It's been a long time since Ford made the statement about all reservations being filled before dealer stock. And my recollection was that predated them "updating" the distribution rules. We've already seen them cave to the will of the large dealers once. It wouldn't surprise me in the...
  16. jsharpe

    Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift

    Yeah, I don't doubt that Ford would eventually get around to my build. The question is when. I'm fairly confident it will be some time in 2022 and likely be a 2022 model year. What I don't know his how the scheduling works if I'm not early enough to make the cut of the "first batch"...
  17. jsharpe

    Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift

    This is one thing I've never been able to figure out even after reading through hundreds of posts on the topic. What happens if my reservation is not early enough to be one of the "Bronco vehicles your dealer will receive"? What, I don't get the truck at all? Do I get put in some second...
  18. jsharpe

    How excited are you?

    I have to admit that my excitement for a car that seems to be perpetually more than a year off is waning. I have two reservations but neither of them are early so a 2022 delivery appears a virtual certainty. While I understand the reasons, if it slips any more I'll just buy something else and...
  19. jsharpe

    Cactus Gray & Area 51 (side by side in the sun and in the shade) Photos & Videos

    I'm the same way abut Cactus Gray. I was really excited abut it at first and certain that was the color I wanted. However, as time has passed and more examples shown up, it now just looks bland to me. Which I guess is the point of a neutral flat color, but not what I think I want, even though...
  20. jsharpe

    How Far Are You Traveling to Get a Bronco???

    Flying there, but the return trip from Granger looks like 1007 miles with a stop on the way back at the in-laws.