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  1. Reservation amount paid is $0.00??

    Search really is a good friend
  2. 2021 Bronco body spotted at Line-X headquarter

    Doesn't destroy resale value depending on the buyer. If you're going on the type of trails the will pin stripe the heck out of your off-roader, this will hold value by not showing any marks.
  3. Dealer Add On’s at Pickup?

    Usually the price for extended warranties goes up as you get closer to the end of the normal warranty.
  4. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    If you all would lend me you're eyes. Want to make sure I didn't make a stupid mistake on the spreadsheet I made for myself.
  5. When Will I Get My BRONCO?? - Granger Ford

    Well smarty pants, since orders haven't been converted, none of the dealers posting allocation are posting exact numbers are they? :rolleyes:
  6. Are allocations “anticompetitive practices”?

    Allocation isn't new and used by every manufacturer in some way.
  7. Pinged a new dealer today...

    Sales people aren't allowed to order what they sell? You think had a special website for sales people to go in and reserve from? He got on the web and probably went through the same BS everyone did. He didn't put himself in front of anyone. Can't believe another ______ liked your post.
  8. Bronco team rep's email to dealer GM -- discussing reservations, order conversion, allocations

    They'll have that information once the orders convert. Even if they let you change your res information now, it still would be mealiness. Just look at all the flip flopping going on the forums. Once order convert is the right time to do it.
  9. Bronco team rep's email to dealer GM -- discussing reservations, order conversion, allocations

    The ones I read make it sound like they are not going enter your order if you don't respond in a given amount of time. Wonder how Ford is going to view that.
  10. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    You're a twit, he has nothing to do with Granger
  11. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    SO you got your answer, when they have enough info to make a determination they'll say something. Outside of that, plan on shipping it plain and simple. To be honest, you come across as the type looking for some commitment you're going to hold them too no matter what happens. Basically trying...
  12. 2021 Bronco GVWR Ford Q&A and Weight / Payload Details

    You got answers to that in the other thread where you called the Bronco a shitty vehicle.
  13. 2021 Ranger B&P Colors now available

    Crew cab is a no go.
  14. Matching interior door color

    The top inside of the door on my 69 Convertible and CJ7 were metal, yet miraculously I'm here alive and well today. It's not youth, it's parenting. That's why so many under a certain age are just a bunch of pansies. They can't survive words they don't like, not sure how they'll make it with a...
  15. The 2021 4Runner sounds like a real winner.

    Great DD is relative. Had one for a week and it certainly isn't what I'd call a great DD. Also fully aware, short WB 2dr Bronco stands a good chance of being worse.
  16. Why have we yet to see a Spare Tire Cover?

    Because if you put one on it would make it so only a driver could ride in one without going over GVWR. It's a Ford conspiracy. They don't want you to know about. Think about that one.
  17. So this weight limit thing. Will badlands simply not be able to overland?

    Well if you already know it's shitty why are you still posting here and have you canceled your res yet?
  18. Stupid dealers

    Bored so for the heck of it I went to Ebay and searched Bronco. Saw a ton of Sports listed and it appears only one dealer knows enough to include the word Sport in the listing. Just imagine how confusing it's going to be when these dealers get actual Broncos in.