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    Thought I had it figured out, now back to square one (BL vs BD)

    This is the same decision I had to make. Doing 2dr BD race red and my build is less than 40K. Couldn't rationalize another 5-6K for Badlands. I know I'm not doing any hard core off roading and the BD will do me just fine.

    Difference between Black Diamond and Badlands

    You're correct. My bad. Looks like Badlands is the only model you can do that in.

    Difference between Black Diamond and Badlands

    You're not able to get a manual in a MID package at any trim level from my understanding

    Got the call this morning....Dealer scare tactics?

    The dealers know they are only going to be able to satisfy about 30% of those on their reservation list. They want to firm up the ones in their earlierst 30% of reservations who are going to convert their reservation to orders. Remember they are going to be PUNISHED by Ford if they don't...

    Dealership Allocation Estimate Thread

    My dealership in southeast TN called me this morning. I'm NUMBER 1 in line at their dealership. Made my reservation that first night. Tried at 8pm but didnt go through for a couple of hours. I like that spot in line.

    Signature vs standard lights ?

    As an old codger, the only thing I could care less about than the headlights is the gas tank cover. As long as I flip a switch and I can see at night . . . . I'm good.

    Want your Bronco sooner? Be flexible on options

    Good point. For me personally the 4 door too closely resembles a Jeep. The 2 door screams BRONCO to me. It looks like what I've wanted since I was a kid. If having a 2dr build delays my build, so be it. Sucks though because my reservation went in about 2 hrs after they opened.

    Any incentive to finalize dealer/order quickly?

    No, but my dealer has had my build for over two months at this point. He's just got to enter into the system.

    Want your Bronco sooner? Be flexible on options

    Why is the 2dr a slow down? Aren't the majority of orders 4dr?
  10. MCG DAWG

    1st Things You'll Do After Delivery

    Drive home, take the doors and top off, then go burn a tank of gas driving all over the region.
  11. MCG DAWG

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    And give up the B double E double R - u -n beer run . . . . never.
  12. MCG DAWG

    Are you waiting for Mansquatch...

    Briefly considered it but I wasn't willing to wait for it.
  13. MCG DAWG

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    I didn't see a Tune for the 2.3 listed. Bit bummed.
  14. MCG DAWG

    For those concerned about the cost of the new Bronco...

    I'm getting a pretty bare bones BD for less than 40K. I've seen much nicer builds going out for 60k-70K. That's fine for those people. For me I'll have as much fun in mine for 20K less. It's a free market. People are welcome to pay for what they want, when they want, or to make the...
  15. MCG DAWG

    For those sticking with the 2021....why?

    Because I hate delayed gratification. I got a reservation about 2 hours after they opened so I have a good place in line and should be an early order. Covid tried to kill me in November and altered my outlook on life. A positive from that is my wife is no longer grumbling about me getting a...
  16. MCG DAWG

    2 Door Vs. 4 Door Bronco Daily Drivers

    The two door looks like the classic Bronco I always wanted. To ME the four door looks too much like a Jeep. And, I don't like my kids enough to buy them their own doors on my daily driver. They can crawl their butts into and out of the back seat!
  17. MCG DAWG

    Why the Reservations?

    I'd argue that in the days after the initial wave of early orders this was in fact a true statement. Who knew that that high demand would maintain a high level of orders for months, that production would be delayed by several months, and that the model year '21 would be a much shorter run than...
  18. MCG DAWG

    Why the Reservations?

    you realize this was posted in July and correct to the info at the time?