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  1. cdoublev

    Gray Top Theories

    Exactly. And to toss it aside for one with a different color roof is even more so.
  2. cdoublev

    First look at Antimatter Blue Bronco in the sun!

    Yo can we try to be positive? This color is pretty 🔥 in the sun and I for one am pumped that it has been my first choice since reveal night
  3. cdoublev

    Post your build! Images and specs only

    Antimatter Black Diamond 2.7L Ecoboost Mid Package Towing Pod lights (though probably doing aftermarket) Brush Guard Roof Rails (w/ Yakima basket XL)
  4. cdoublev

    B&P is not for ordering, but rather give you an idea of pricing

    Not for nothing but I special ordered my last car (Mini) and everything I could order (packages, accessories, etc...) was available on B&P online before I even went/spoke to the dealer. In fact, their site tells you to print out the B&P info so you can just hand them the page to order exactly...
  5. cdoublev

    Big Bend beats Black Diamond!

    Just a heads up. You’re missing the rock rails on the BB so if you add those to be equal with standard BD equipment then they’ll pretty much break even
  6. cdoublev

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    If I want, I can manually set temp in my car that has auto climate
  7. cdoublev

    My thoughts on 2 door at Super Cel

    100 percent agree with this. My boss has this and is ugly af
  8. cdoublev

    Sasquatch 2 Door Bronco Black Diamond in Rapid Red

    Hey man just saying that it'll help the truck appear bigger! Isn't that what we want??
  9. cdoublev

    Sasquatch 2 Door Bronco Black Diamond in Rapid Red

    For anyone complaint about the gray top. Having design elements darker at the bottom and lighten as you go up actually helps create an optical illusion of a taller stance. This is probably intentional (notice the bumper and rails are a darker black than the ”black” flares). This will make the...
  10. cdoublev

    Why a Bronco?

    So like for those answer why they chose the Bronco, thank you. For those that “have answered this already”, you didn’t have to reply. The subject/title says “why a Bronco?” not “why did you choose a Bronco?” I was conveying why I am choosing one
  11. cdoublev

    Why a Bronco?

    So why a Bronco? Simple. My dad had one (well a couple) while I was growing up and one of his favorite stories to tell me is how, one time, he lamented about having to go all over a parking lot to get to a certain store (bushes and curbs in the way) and my 10 year old logic was to respond...
  12. cdoublev

    Lightning Blue not exclusive to the First Edition afterall??

    Umm or it’s a reference to the interior accent color? Look at the grab handle...
  13. cdoublev

    Photos of pre-production Broncos on the assembly line.

    It’s almost uncanny how Iconic Silver looked...silver IRL 🤦‍♂️
  14. cdoublev

    Performing engine break in period (breaking in) during long delivery roadtrip?

    I am planning on doing this same thing. May take a trip over to Shenandoah National Park for a day or two
  15. cdoublev

    Closeups of Bronco LED headlight and taillight lighting elements

    Ok that 2nd pic makes me want these pretty bad. Hopefully an option.
  16. cdoublev

    Washout interior is a fail!!!

    it’s not hard to fathom but it’s also not what Ford said. There’s no mention of washout interior, just rubberized floors and only on certain trims. Hell there’s not even drains on all the trims. So knowing that, why is it hard to fathom that the seat backs on the rear seats are the same as any...
  17. cdoublev

    Official Paint Samples / Swatches For 2021 Ford Bronco Have Arrived. Cactus Gray = Jet Fighter Gray

    agree. I was nota fan of CG until the pics of the Sport were posted. I think CG looks best with the black top
  18. cdoublev

    Washout interior is a fail!!!

    Bro. It says rubberized floor with washout capability, not interior. And that pic of the dude washing out his Jeep? Yeah he’s hosing down the floor