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    Questions for Non-Wrangler haters

    I have a 2018 JLU as a weekend toy that has been near-perfect (pretty sure I can conclude it is my favorite overall vehicle so far). Only regret is I only went with the Sport S so do have some envy of the Rubicon’s that are all over the place up here. so if I was shopping JLs right now I would...

    Extended Warranties: To buy or not to buy?

    If you have Geico for insurance really look into their MBI. Super cheap and pay as you go. I am amused how everyone has had the same horrible experiences with the finance guy sales pitch at the end of the process. They must get some online training on how to lie and just be overly pushy to...

    Winch Instead of Lockers?

    Depends on where you are going and density of trees there... A rear locker or at least LSD (sadly not an option on Broncos) is a must where I go so I don’t find self with free spinning wheels and no traction. Winches do look cool and I have come close to adding one to my Jeep for that reason...

    Next Gen 2023 Ford Ranger Spied in First Look! [Updated with closeup pics]

    How can they tell it’s a ranger? If I saw that on the street my first guess would be the new Frontier. How to get excited for new generic midsize that looks like all it’s competition. Go with the Bronco people!

    Why have we yet to see a Spare Tire Cover?

    Until you get one as a present from your significant other and then “have” to use it.... But yeah they solved the complex physics problem of having a rear view camera a while back. Aftermarket just needs to measure the obscene camera tube sticking out of a Bronco spare before they release...

    Baby Squatch bronco Sport Mullinax Kissimmee

    Really hope you guys don’t have it called “Sasquatch” on the sticker for what appear to be like 30” tires and a spacer lift.

    The Unthinkable Just Happened

    If only they named the sport something else (maybe ranchero, courier, or territory) seeing these posts wouldn’t be so painful or cause worries that Ford marketing hoodwinked someone. So as long as OP and others chiming in they are thinking of doing the same know that the two Broncos have...

    Live Q&A with Badlands Bronco

    That was easily the most informative video yet. A few obvious errors in responses but not a big deal. I actually feel like I can make an informed choice now on things like a roof rack or stereo size... But the comments in this thread are frightening how many people don’t comprehend he was...

    So what IS the typical Payload for OFF ROAD rigs?

    Last time I did the math I think my JLU sport was a little under 1300 lbs. which Is high as it doesn’t have that much “luxury “ stuff and is a soft top. When I saw that it amused me how close it is to my full size truck (but my truck on the other hand is a 4x4 5.7L crew cab with all kinds of...
  10. AZHUND

    Let’s solve the GVWR and payload issue once and for all

    Ford has to know that if payload is lower than ~1100 lbs it is going to result in a lot of lost sales. So seems impossible that a 700 lb payload could happen. but whatever the real numbers are, please don’t exceed them as half this thread seems to be recommending. There are other people on the...
  11. AZHUND

    Compare wind and tire noise with soft top vs MIC

    As someone earlier in the thread said - if you are worried about this then a Bronco may not be for you... that said, driving a JL to compare is no mystery- there are at least ten in my neighborhood alone. Compared to older model jeeps they are shockingly quiet for what they are. I use my...
  12. AZHUND

    Badlands vs Jeep Rubicon - Price Comparison (Opened My Eyes)

    You would hope the Bronco wins on things like screen size. The JL will be its 4th production year when the Bronco is actually available... the JM vs Bronco or at least the mid cycle refresh of the JL vs the Bronco is the comparison I am interested in. I have no allegiance to any brand, but...
  13. AZHUND

    Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    It is the ZF 8speed that is used by most the mainstream luxo brands in tons of applications. But FCA builds theirs under license (not in Germany). I am a big fan - after 3+ years in my laggy Taco the ZF was amazing. Was also a factor for me choosing RAM when came time to replace the truck.
  14. AZHUND

    Trading in a Jeep?

    Trading in my JLU unless I can wear down my wife to swapping her crossover for a bronco instead. Then I can have it all... until gas prices once again shoot up and I regret having nothing in the fleet that can do better than 20 mpg highway.
  15. AZHUND

    Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    Looking forward to reading all 52 pages of this tonight after work. Am amused that many people have called out the pricing irregularities in the early B&P over the past couple months but were routinely shot down by people that really wanted to believe in Santa Clause. as for me, I just want...
  16. AZHUND

    Extended Warranty costs

    surprised that Geico MBI hasn’t been mentioned yet. Super affordable, pay as you go, backed by Buffet’s endless billions.... you do need to also have geico for insurance, but I have no plans on dropping them. if no Geico, then Ziegler of course. You can try having your dealer match Ziegler...
  17. AZHUND

    Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    I still cannot picture anyone actually buying one of these - maybe the export market and diehard Top Gun fans but who else?
  18. AZHUND

    Likely demographics for Base Base?

    This is funny thread... it is only a $20k difference between a base-base to a “loaded” badlands. Not like the typical driver of each is in some vastly different socio economic class. I am going to like spin the bottle or throw darts to pick between basemansquatch, bd 2dr, bl 2dr, and bl 4dr or...
  19. AZHUND

    Current truck owners.

    They are really different vehicles- especially if you are needing to tow anything or squeeze in a couple passengers and a bunch of gear at same time. If you can swing both (thankfully right now I can) that is the easy answer. If I could only have one, I would cry (yes, as a grown man) but...
  20. AZHUND

    Sub 2k lb camp trailer to tow with Bronco?

    Yep, has a slide out kitchen (stove and 12v fridge). I also have a tent that I hook on the back for sitting/standing room that I use half the trips. Also a pop up tent for dispersed trips for toilet or privacy for outdoor shower... so yeah can become a pretty complex setup when have it all...