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  1. Buckin Bronco

    Pod Lights (or roof lights) - are Aux Switches required?

    No. You're paying for their time, what happens during that time is between two consenting adults. But then again, the laws in Canada are very different .
  2. Buckin Bronco

    Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    This is most likely why Mansquatch wasn't originally offered. 35 x 4.70 ÷ 33 = 4.98
  3. Buckin Bronco

    Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    You can get the 4.70 gears with the automatic, no Sasquatch .
  4. Buckin Bronco

    So this weight limit thing. Will badlands simply not be able to overland?

    Somewhere off camera, there's a Mini chasing that car.
  5. Buckin Bronco

    2021 Bronco Bumpers Explained -- Standard vs Heavy Duty Modular vs Capable Bumper

    I just hope that someone makes a stuby internal winch mount bumper. I'm really not liking how the winch mounts to the modular bumper.
  6. Buckin Bronco

    Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    Who makes red fog lamps? Look for 2" square ones for the rear bumper.
  7. Buckin Bronco

    2.3 EcoBoost Oil Change

    6qts seems like a lot of oil for a 2.3L. My 3.3L V6 Nissan engine only takes 3.3L with filter change and the filter is in such a good spot.
  8. Buckin Bronco

    Cant decide between 35s and 33s on the Badlands 4 door

    I want to get 35" tires and the beadlocks, but Sasquatch package is $4500CND. And that's for the Badlands. I honestly can't see wheels and tires being 4500 bucks.
  9. Buckin Bronco

    7MT Shift Indicator?

    If it's a separate light on the dash, just pull the bulb out.
  10. Buckin Bronco

    How long will you keep your Bronco?

    This will be my one and only new vehicle purchase. Will keep it until I'm dead. I'm getting a BL with high package, but since I'll be keeping it for so long, I might end up opting for the Lux package instead .
  11. Buckin Bronco

    How Far Are You Traveling to Get a Bronco???

    5 minute drive to 45 mile drive. Depends on which dealership wants my money.
  12. Buckin Bronco

    Canada - What trim level you thinking!

    Don't ruin my dream.
  13. Buckin Bronco

    Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    Your joke doesn't work because manual is spelled correctly. Dude in the picture is Manuel.
  14. Buckin Bronco

    Canada - What trim level you thinking!

    They could possibly start offering it with the V6 at the midlife update/refresh. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
  15. Buckin Bronco

    Canada - What trim level you thinking!

    When the time is right...... 2dr Badlands manual (hopefully with the V6 by the time I order), Cyber Orange, High Package, possibly Sasquatch. I'm in BC and will be wheeling the hell out of it.
  16. Buckin Bronco

    Badlands Wilderness Area Bend OR

    I just Googled Washington off road trails and lots came up. Quite a few OHV areas too.
  17. Buckin Bronco

    Ford got me, again

    I see your divorce proceedings and raise you a prenuptial.
  18. Buckin Bronco

    Ford got me, again

    My point is you can get the V6 in a Wrangler, not just a Gladiator like you said. You came back with "not with an automatic". That's a different story. Engine can be had. Hope this clears it up for you.
  19. Buckin Bronco

    Ford got me, again

    Well, that would be engine/transmission combination, not engine choice.
  20. Buckin Bronco

    Ford got me, again

    I just priced out a 2021 Wrangler Rubicon and selected the 3.6 Pentastar with a 6sp manual. The turbo, E-Drive and diesel were all optional engine choices.