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  1. Petey

    Build production rate

    look at how many people pre-ordered multiple because they didn’t know if they would allow style switches after pre-order. Also look at all the people that have already dropped out because they wanted something now or there has been delays in the options they want. Also know that $100 deposit is...
  2. Petey

    Build production rate

    they will sell more than 75,000, but of the first 195,000 pre-orders, they will only convert 75,000 of those. From a selfish standpoint, I hope they convert less because I want mine sooner, but for safety of the overall brand continuing forward, they will need to sell more going forward.
  3. Petey

    Build production rate

    they aren’t going to convert more than 75,000 orders. Mark my words.
  4. Petey

    Build production rate

    This and order conversion rate are the most important number for when we expect to see our Broncos. I still don’t think they convert more than 40% of the orders, and frankly will be more in line with 33% conversion.
  5. Petey

    Extended Warranties: To buy or not to buy?

    I’ve bought several new cars in my life, bought an extended warranty once, and never used or needed it. There is a reason they trap you in the back room at the end of your sale to talk about these’re in a rush to get out of there finally after shitty negotiations and they know...
  6. Petey

    RUSSIAN off roader coming to market!

    In Soviet Russia, truck drives you off-road.
  7. Petey

    Ok, Who Are The MN Future Bronco Owners!?

    I would totally be game!
  8. Petey

    Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    Jesus. This will not be installed this way on my Bronco. I will doing a custom mount like the Raptor somebody showed in an early post.
  9. Petey

    Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    Yeah, I seriously doubt Ford will put a plate here or suggest to put a plate here. Not sure why the hell they even put it there. They know that these test vehicles are going to get photographed, people will see that hacky stuff.
  10. Petey

    Video: 2021 Ford Bronco ordering Q&A

    So if I’m getting a two door, manual, 2.3 Badlands, I could have a pretty high chance of getting one in 2021 simply because it’s not going to be a popular option? interesting......
  11. Petey

    Hard top now standard on four door Badlands?

    Remember folks! Build and Price is just a TOOL. It doesn't actually mean anything until you go to your dealership and price it out.
  12. Petey

    How are you using your Aux Switches?

    Not to be a jerk, but there are tons of threads on this:
  13. Petey

    Cyber Orange Bronco vs Bronco Sport side-by-side

    The fact that this 2 door is almost the same size as a 4-door SUV has me happy about my plan to get the 2-door and not worry about space.
  14. Petey

    In the wild: Cyber Orange 2dr Badlands w/ base wheels

    Not to be a butthead....but this was already posted.
  15. Petey

    BN in PNW!

    I thought Bronco Nation was organized by Ford?
  16. Petey

    BD 7spd + Mid inquiry

    It is frustrating yes, but I think it's fine too. Ford is a company that is going to try to make margins better on a vehicle like this. I'm sure some packages are operating at a loss leader, but knowing that other packages make up that difference. The better Ford does on sales for this...
  17. Petey

    Matt's Off Road Recovery Kinetic Energy Rope

    Thoughts on 30' versus 20' on the recovery rope from those who have used it? Does the 30' really provide that much more advantage?