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  1. emerald86

    Bronco team rep's email to dealer GM -- discussing reservations, order conversion, allocations

    Yeah they need an option to use reservation time stamp to changeover for priority on 2022 MY Broncos.
  2. emerald86

    Dealers Allocations? whose making it for MY21? whose on MY22?

    Dealers only get so many allocations based on 3 factors. 1/4 based on their territory's local Wrangler and Tacoma registrations, 1/4 their dealership sales on certain vehicles and 1/2 based on the number of reservations they have. So if you reserved at a dealer with low sales and low number of...
  3. emerald86

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    I have a FE reservation but leaning towards BL for washout also. And I am impatient and don't want to wait for the black leather as I need as much time between this arriving and the Warthog lol!
  4. emerald86

    Ken Block and Ford part ways; is Ford totally out of their minds?

    Ford dropping the FIesta and Focus wasn't good for thier chances of wanting to keep him. It is insane the cover of WRX is a Fiesta rally car and Ford doesn't make the Fiesta and Focus RS. Mustang sales are extremely low and they have Vaughn Gittin Jr (Sp?) covering that area more lately.
  5. emerald86

    How to pick my color...

    Do you have any kids or nieces and nephews? They would love to pick and would be very proud/thankful to have the honor!
  6. emerald86

    Let’s solve the GVWR and payload issue once and for all

    This is not true the F-350 has an additional leaf spring and sits higher over the rear axle. If you are going to use the bed to load close to the rated payload, use the truck for a camper or 5th wheel towing I would strongly reccomend the F-350 for practical functionality alone.
  7. emerald86

    Ford Trademarks new name "Wolftrak" possible special edition Bronco?

    I expect they do not want anyone having the name so close to Wildtrak.
  8. emerald86

    Green Bronco Sport- Possible new color?

    This happens with so many cars on the auto generated photos. Absolutely just bad color generation.
  9. emerald86

    What are you buying instead of a Bronco?

    Still torn between Badlands and FE. Just as I was pretty solidly for BL the price goes up putting it close to FE price.
  10. emerald86

    Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    My Badlands went up by $1,800 or so and was MGV, lux, Sasquatch auto.
  11. emerald86

    Who's adding Keyless Keypad Entry and why?

    I don’t like the look of it. If it was integrated into the door like many other fords I would pay and add it.
  12. emerald86

    New 📸 Is it Lightning Blue or Velocity Blue?

    It could be lightning blue because they are offering for FE Broncos, but this looks like VB to me as lightning is darker although hard to say 100% with lighting/camera.
  13. emerald86

    Area 51 vs Cactus Gray side-by-side comparison (on Sport)

    I see just the tiniest touch of green in that versus a flat gray like audi nardo, toyota cement, ford avalanche. Not as much green compared to toyota lunar gray to me though.
  14. emerald86

    Dealership call to convert reservation into order!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't want to "order" until the order banks are open as many things could potentially change in build and price by next month and it also leaves room for error when they take the info and enter it later to submit the order.
  15. emerald86

    Area 51 vs Cactus Gray side-by-side comparison (on Sport)

    And hiding scratches/wear on the paint more too!
  16. emerald86

    Area 51 vs Cactus Gray side-by-side comparison (on Sport)

    I'm still ridiculously torn between these two colors. I don't like A51 with the black WT/FE grille, but I do with cactus. Then on the Badlands grille and MIC top I like A51 more. Can't decide between FE Cactus Bronco or Badlands A51 now lol - AHHHH!
  17. emerald86

    ONLY FOR FE RESERVATION HOLDERS-> What configuration of the First Edition Bronco are you getting?

    FE res holder here and I’m either doing 4dr cactus gray FE with black interior as I like cactus with black grille or I would go loaded MGV BL 4DR but do A51 as I like that color with gray grille snd the mic top would work. Not waiting for top.
  18. emerald86

    Area 51 Outer Banks Bronco 2 Door Pics

    I don’t like A51 with painted obx flares!