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  1. accord77

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    @StephensAutoCenter one last ? John will you be offering lease for out of state customer since lease is available thru Ford. if not finance will be fine. its just so easy with 5 down and low monthly payments and your driving 45,000 car my basic big bend build. thank you in advance. will be...
  2. accord77

    2021 Bronco lease prices are up now on build & price

    its for the ppl that want to pay 500.00 or less instead of 800.00 a month.with less months to pay. when you finance a car you don't own it until you paid everything off. lease you have the option to walk away and get a new car or pay off the balance and buy it. lease will be a bit more but its...
  3. accord77

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    @StephensAutoCenter Hi John will you be submitting all the orders that convert by March. and in May Ford will tell us if we made the cut base on our build and time stamped or will you tell us before hand that we won the Bronco lottery. just trying to understand thank you
  4. accord77

    #258 Cactus Gray Sasquatch Outer Banks 4 door on a frosty morning 👀

    @618TRVLWILD what models are you leaning towards you and Stig Ashley when your ready to buy. thank you for the pictures
  5. accord77

    Live Q&A with Badlands Bronco

    thank you Brent. Love the amber turn signals
  6. accord77

    Drawing of driveway with dimensions. Will Sasquatch fit??

    Just ask the landscaping guys when there coming over its usually once a week or once every 2 weeks. then park your bronco on the street. or looks like you can afford it, get valet parking ;)
  7. accord77

    15+ Bronco Factory Pics Before Christmas Shutdown (Navy Pier, Area 51, Race Red, Sasquatch etc) 🌵🌠🐎

    Ashley ask Stig where are they taking the new build Bronco is it for dealer sample thank you very much
  8. accord77

    Video: 2021 Ford Bronco ordering Q&A

    they should be fine quite a few ppl took the $2,000.00 below invoice price sale in October and were expecting their broncos to arrive in 2022. and the early reservation holder that convert will help there allocation for the next batch of orders. so the bottom line is if you have a timed stamped...
  9. accord77

    POLL: what powertrain are you choosing at order time?

    as someone said only 300 bucks more then 2.3 auto so 2.7 is a bargain and V6 sounds better and less stress on the engine if your loaded with cargo
  10. accord77

    Wheel Offset and Backspace | How do they relate?

    So in plain English please what the biggest size tire I can fit lower then the Badlands trim. meaning base, big bend and black diamond non-sasquatch 17 inch rim Discount Tire thanks Tire Rack did not know
  11. accord77

    Preproduction Broncos are at Sanderson Ford Glendale, Arizona -- today & tomorrow [Photos Added]

    AzScorpion since your 5'7 do you really need that tube step option to get in. thank you the outerbanks version
  12. accord77

    Submit Your Bronco Questions For This Week’s Off-Road Expo Appearance

    ask When can we officially place the order, sometime in December or January since there's different rumors dates going on thanks
  13. accord77

    Fender flares removed Sasquatch Mock Up

    Tlubull can you please do white bronco with a cactus grey roof with with white wheels I want to see if it matches. thank you if you can make it happen
  14. accord77

    How many will it take? How many reservation dropouts will it take for me to get a 2021?

    you will be fine if you are really serious about ordering the bronco. remember 12.6 million as of sept. 2020 is still unemployed. I'm one of them, but I will be ordering mine since I save for a rainy day. I'm sure 165,000-200,000 that put $100 down, lets say 70% or less convert that's 60,000...