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  1. Bestdayever

    How fast will the Ford site crash at 00:00:00 Wednesday January 20, 2021....

    I just placed an order to Granger Mtrs. as they spelled out in their email last night. No problems. It's in their hands now. Ford corporate has nothing to do with us, other than supply product.
  2. Bestdayever

    15+ Bronco builds from the factory 🥔🐎♨️

    Thanks!! Let those beautiful Broncos out of the corral to run!🤪
  3. Bestdayever

    Jan 16 Dealer FAQ email provides more answers!

    Thank you Nathan for the updates. It clears some of that muddy water that the Broncos are driving through.
  4. Bestdayever

    Look at this old beaut parked outside my office!

    I like the weapon portal coming out the driver's door. :unsure:
  5. Bestdayever

    Are allocations “anticompetitive practices”?

    Please do not disparage Granger Ford. They are a fine family of people that take good care of their employees. They have been in the Des Moines area for 35+ years and have made their presence known as being honest. I have no relationship to them. I have bought a vehicle from them and have had...
  6. Bestdayever

    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    I may have missed this, and excuse me if I did, if you ordered with a receiver hitch, rent a small Uhaul trailer. 🥃 cheers!
  7. Bestdayever

    News on further order submission delays (current dealer saying so)?

    Oh for sure. They seemingly share the same unobtainium. 🦕🍀🦄
  8. Bestdayever

    Fastback Top Bronco 2-Door in Antimatter Blue Big Bend!!

    Yessss!! That's what I'm talkin' bout. Sign me up! :love: Thanks for posting.
  9. Bestdayever

    Line-X a MIC top? (To change the color)

    Yesterday a guy sold his Bronco on Bring a Trailer that was completely done in a Line-X type of material. The comments were very interesting. Lots of pictures too.
  10. Bestdayever

    Let's turn those red flags to green(?)

    We should throw the yellow flag at FORD for "Delay of Game".
  11. Bestdayever

    Getting Off This Rollercoaster

    Find your place and enjoy the ride.
  12. Bestdayever

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Happy Year Year Brothers and Sisters.:love: Bring on the New Year.🥂🥂🥂
  13. Bestdayever

    Idea for customizing Big Bronco - color / painted roof

    What a great idea this is. It certainly adds personality to the bold design of the Bronco. I'm thinking LineX ultra to do the top. They have the ability to match any color.
  14. Bestdayever

    RUSSIAN off roader coming to market!

    Yea, I'm "All In" as long as it comes with a "Russian Bride". :ROFLMAO: :eek:
  15. Bestdayever

    WildTrak vs. Badlands vs. OBX

    I put together similar equipment on all Broncos: 2.7, auto, steel bumper, sasquatch and similar level packages. Badlands: $51365. Widltrak: $51255. Outer Banks: $50915. Blk.Diamond: $48480. Big Bend: $47140. Bronco Base: $42355. They are all Broncos. You just have to...
  16. Bestdayever

    I would pay more for the Sasquatch package if I could get it with BFG's

    I was a little disappointed when I saw the sasquatch came with Goodyears. I really like the ride and wear qualities of the BFG's. That being said, the "Man's Prayer" comes into play. I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess. Red/Green
  17. Bestdayever

    How long will you keep your Bronco?

    It, the Bronco, will decide how long it wants to be driven. 20 months or 20 years.🚙🌪❄⛈🌊
  18. Bestdayever

    Video: Bronco 2-Door Shell Walkaround

    If you look at interior pictures, it appears this might be used to hold the receiving ends of the seatbelt system. It would make sense as they would need secured to the body as well as hold the tensioners. OR.. an "Easter Egg" cupholder. :ROFLMAO: :p
  19. Bestdayever

    Bronco spotted with possible front license plate placement (pics)

    🤮 I'll pay the *#xx#* ticket.👮‍♂️
  20. Bestdayever

    Easy Customization = Easy Theft of Parts

    OH YEA!! Those were the days!:eek: