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  1. mrcx

    Will it be easy to DIY Sasquatch a base Badlands?

    If you get the Manual BL, it appears the 4.7 is standard.
  2. mrcx

    Fastback Top Bronco 2-Door in Antimatter Blue Big Bend!!

    I took it to the dealer shortly after this and they were very excited to see a Jeep that was actually being used as a Jeep and was dirty. Then they cleaned it....
  3. mrcx

    Fastback Top Bronco 2-Door in Antimatter Blue Big Bend!!

    Car wash? My jeep never got close to a car wash. Doubt the Bronco does either.
  4. mrcx

    Sign Petition for MANUAL transmission with V6 2.7 Ecoboost

    I'd love it if they offered the MT + 2.7. The 2.3 powering an already very heavy Bronco that will only get heavier as I modify it makes me worry about going with the 2.3. Given they are already concerned about the high number of people doing builds with the 2.7 and how that might create "late...
  5. mrcx

    What Will the 2021 Bronco and the 1964 1/2 Mustang Have in Common?

    Or way back to the car in the Flintstones. Due to GVWR if you take either to a drive-in like Sonic, they will flip over...
  6. mrcx

    What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    Which dealer did you get it from?
  7. mrcx

    Bronco Wildtrak Interior and Seats

    It's not really camo, it's a stereogram. If you stare at it long enough and just right, you will see a gray interior ...
  8. mrcx

    Cloth seats, staining?

    I owned 3 Wranglers with cloth seats. They got rained on, mud on them, daughter and dogs walking all over them. They always cleaned up. Jeep uses what they call "trail cloth" and whatever it is, it wore and cleaned up great. Haven't been able to see or feel the cloth that will be in the...
  9. mrcx

    Video: 2021 Bronco Door Removal and Storage On Board - How-To

    But do we have to unbolt and bolt them back on each time? On a Wrangler, you take the nuts off the bottom of the bolts that fit in the hinges and never put them back on. I don't want to have to get out tools every time I'm taking the doors off or putting them back on.
  10. mrcx

    Video: 2021 Bronco Door Removal and Storage On Board - How-To

    No tie down bolts like that on any Wrangler I've owned.
  11. mrcx

    2 door vs. 4 door

    Not sure how easy the rear seats are to remove in the Bronco, but I had the back seat out in my 2 door Wrangler 90% of the time. More room for my dog.
  12. mrcx

    If I had a $1 everytime someone asked if the 2.3 was enough...

    I see your "is the 2.3L enough" and raise you "that MIC top sucks".
  13. mrcx

    Starting to seriously consider a Defender, anyone else?

    You forgot to mention that they also come with the Jeep angry eyes.
  14. mrcx

    Jeep delivers on 4Xe production! Assy. vid.

    I'll be going from an 8(?) mpg vehicle to an 18-20 mpg vehicle. So I'm reducing my carbon foot print by a lot going with a Bronco. Pretty sure I'll be nominated for the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize. lol
  15. mrcx

    Can someone photoshop me some roofs?

    Not a perfect match, but at least should give you an idea of a color matched top.
  16. mrcx

    Badge of Honor

  17. mrcx

    Tire / Cabin Noise NVH & Daily Drivability with the Sasquatch Package?

    Last Wrangler I owned was a daily driver. 2-door, soft top on 35x13.50" Toyo Open Country M/T tires. I didn't have any additional sound deadening installed. With the top up there was no problem hearing the radio or having a conversation. You'll never mistake if for riding in a Mercedes, but...
  18. mrcx

    Michigan Only: Color Poll