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    is this now the official post count thread?
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    First Edition Black Leather + White Stitching Revealed

    needs more paisley oh and maybe a bronze dash ETA - that looks great, not sure why the other trims were so hard!
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    HD bronco sport off road footage

    nice footage dude's enjoying his BS
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    15+ Bronco builds from the factory 🥔🐎♨️

    I firmly believe the designers secretly hate us
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    15+ Bronco builds from the factory 🥔🐎♨️

    would love to see the 4DR BL in AMB out in sun, bet it really pops BL on 33's looks great for non sas, confirms my decision OBX 2 door looks good. I could live with the painted flares, but the interior is one of the worst
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    4WP (4 Wheel Parts) Bronco aftermarket parts ready to launch once first 100 vehicles roll off the line.

    awesome looking forward to seeing the aftermarket kick in soon
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    Thought I had it figured out, now back to square one (BL vs BD)

    I really like and wanted the BD as its all i need but I want High and I want Sig, plus I like the bigger tires and opt rims so BL for me
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    MY22 Options you would like to see?

    More ala cart for package options ergo high + sig on BD, or wheel options on OBX fix the cloth on the back of the seats for washout and Broncos that can build other Broncos so we can all get them a little faster
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    Crushed Dreams in Paradise

    Go to CA get kick ass bronco offroad like a mother in the west get first class boat ride home with a big piece of luggage get back home piss in salesdude’s coffee ballin’
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    Anxiously Awaiting the Sacred Bronco

    Damn, really sorry to hear that hope you get the one you want asap, use it to keep the positive memories fresh everyday life is too short, focus on the really important things in life
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    Factory Pics: Lightning Blue Bronco First Edition + Race Red Black Diamond 💎

    fantastic, thank you! LB looks great, it will be outstanding out in the sun the NP interior keeps pushing me to a BL/BD great to see the aux switches and more of the back seats/swivels I know some don't like the optional wheels of the BD but I think they look pretty good for factory I think's...
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    Help with my decision

    also, ford has done a really, really good job of pushing people into different (ergo higher) trims with selective packages available
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    Help with my decision

    sounds like BD is good with MGV and washout for the beach, it's a really good trim for the price but you won't get the Signature lights and High package if those are must have's then suggest OBX, perhaps with cloth, and you can always upgrade with Katzkins and wheels as it suits you
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    The Unthinkable Just Happened

    so are you going to keep both? kinda like one for the streets and one for the sheets? but congrats, I like the sport it has good styling and if it was just a little bigger I'd be back and forth as well