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  1. Jeep dealer / salesperson recommendation TX

    WranglerForum is a good source for Jeep info. (You’ll find me with the same user handle over there.) Maybe get your Willys now and sell in a year or so if you test drive a Bronco and gotta have one? Jeeps have pretty nice resale values.
  2. Confirmed: Each dealer will get up to 2 FCTP Broncos for display and test drives (updated with Accessory Pack info)

    No test drives for this guy until a stick shift shows up at my dealer, "mannequin" or regular stock at some point down the road. (Do any other current Ford vehicles share the same manual transmission?)
  3. Fastback Soft Top spotted on 2021 Bronco!

    The window fitment looks much better than some pics we’ve seen of the other soft top. I dig it. For the Cons list: losing a slice of cargo space.
  4. Spy Video: Bronco Warthog Sights & Sounds!

    I was actually thinking of starting a “Will there be a ‘Bronco wave’?” thread! :LOL:
  5. Velocity Blue Bronco Photos - 2 Door Body Shell

    I think I've found "my color". Looks great! Edit: Just now read what @Bohlmbo said in the post immediately above mine. DOH!
  6. Article: Is the 2021 Ford Bronco the Overlander You’ve Been Waiting For?

    I liked that piece. Good explanation for mechanical dummies (like me) about the pros/cons of IFS vs SFA.
  7. Starting to seriously consider a Defender, anyone else?

    Stick shift [ ] Convertible [ ] Removable doors [ ] Nope.
  8. GMC Boulder concept

    Looks like a creation from my 5 yr old's Lego stash.
  9. More 2-Door Bronco Badlands in Cyber Orange (With Measurements)

    Amazing job @Philly! The pic showing the cargo area is especially appreciated. (Current Wrangler owner for whom a 2-door is a no go because my dog can’t fit in the back.)
  10. 2-Door Area 51 Bronco Badlands Spotted With Top Off

    The door panels/tub walls seem so high... The potential availability of aftermarket or OEM half doors will be one of many factors that it’ll take to get me out of a Jeep.
  11. Best reason to buy a Bronco!?

    Why? Genuinely curious/not trolling. I'm something of an outsider here as a current Jeep owner but am not a brand loyalist. (On the contrary, a switch to Ford is very much in play for me.)
  12. Best reason to buy a Bronco!?

    Smiles per gallon, amirite? No vehicle has ever brought me as much daily enjoyment as the stick shift Wrangler that has been my DD the past 6.5 years.
  13. Bronco SPORT First Drive Reviews Are In!

    Depends on what metrics you're using, maybe; resale values have historically been very strong on Wranglers. (Now that another convertible 4WD vehicle is coming, that may change eventually?)
  14. Likely demographics for Base Base?

    Heck, you basically typed it all out for me. Much obliged. I like rowing gears and taking the top/door off. My favorite mod on my Jeep is an aftermarket stereo system I can crank to overcome road noise! (Edit: not touchscreen “infotainment”; a ridiculous looking 1992ish head unit and decent...
  15. Bronco Warthog in Michigan Sighting

    Dang, that looks badass!
  16. Spotted an Area51 in the wild

    All jokes aside, Subaru does have some pretty sweet colors in their lineup! :p
  17. Partial Roof Panels / Doors Removed Bronco Mock-Ups.

    Doin' the Lord's work, @Appalachia_Ewok . Much obliged!
  18. BEST PART TO GETTING A BRONCO: Customization!! What is your reason & plan?

    Painting the grill seems like a no-brainer customization choice to me, for starters.