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  1. Shotsy

    Levine says 2022 Bronco (22MY) will get multiple new colors and special editions

    Ford's lucky to have a communications manager like him.
  2. Shotsy

    My dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now!

    So they supposedly f'd up your order and locked you in and you just got MSRP? Seems like a missed opportunity to get a deeper discount.
  3. Shotsy

    Deal for those who can wait for a 2022

    I'm with @Used2jeep... Northeast attitude. And you have to know what audience you have here. We're a little gun shy thanks to Ford f'ing up the Bronco experience for all of us from Day 1.
  4. Shotsy

    Deal for those who can wait for a 2022

    Are you going to follow Granger's and Stephen's lead and submit something a little more official (letterhead, manager approval, etc.) to the B6G forum than a sketchy, troll-worthy thread starter? Dubious Shotsy is dubious.
  5. Shotsy

    Dealers Allocations? whose making it for MY21? whose on MY22?

    You're on this forum trying to teach grammar lessons? Good luck, dude.
  6. Shotsy

    Custom vanity license plate anyone?

    I live in MA, but on a commute one time, I saw a car pass me from NH with the plate "X351AR0" Couldn't believe it was allowed or passed the DMV filters, but it is NH, so anything goes...
  7. Shotsy

    Ken Block and Ford part ways; is Ford totally out of their minds?

    Block essentially introduced Pastrana as the new driver for the Gymkhana series in his last video, so maybe Block is starting to step back anyways. He started his rally career late in life, compared to his counterparts, and he has enough $ from DC and his other endeavours.
  8. Shotsy

    Ken Block and Ford part ways; is Ford totally out of their minds?

    I like watching his videos, but I didn't buy my RS because of Block. Ford said he consulted on the design of the RS, but I doubt he had anything to do with it other than being in some promotional videos and racing his Comp RS. I'd rather see Travis Pastrana anyways.
  9. Shotsy

    Anyone else find this a bit concerning?

    You liked the picture so much, you posted it twice! :D It's not concerning for me, it's Ford's problem.
  10. Shotsy

    Build and Price update.

    Same for me...
  11. Shotsy


    👆 THIS This has been discussed over various threads when the B&P first came out and people were ripping B&P apart. The specs and B&P both say that they are included with certain models so the pricing for it as being an accessory is wrong. In other news, everything else in the B&P tool is 100%...
  12. Shotsy

    Should Ford just cancel MY 21?

    They did the same thing with the RS. I got my 2016 on Dec 28, 2016. Not sure how they figure shit out because I got my 2016 AFTER some people got their 2017s. And it's not like there were tons of options for the RS - you either got the RS1 package or the RS2. Ford's awesome with this sort of...
  13. Shotsy

    What are you getting your Bronco for Christmas?

    If you mean the 2020 holiday season, then nothing, 'cause Ford keeps pushing out the delivery dates. Maybe for 2021... I'm not bitter, you are.
  14. Shotsy

    Easy Customization = Easy Theft of Parts

    Already covered this.
  15. Shotsy

    What is Your Unbiased Auto Journalism "Bible"?

    I like Totally unbiased but they only focus on one make. Plus they give candid reviews of the quick and accurate B&P tool.
  16. Shotsy

    Don’t see much difference between models

    You're gonna make a lot of friends on here...
  17. Shotsy

    Email from Dealer orders opening next week

    If Ford wasn't relying on blind loyalty/desire for the Bronco, this entire shitshow would prove to be horrendous for them. If only Ford would get out of their own way...