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  1. Larry H Miller Super Ford (Salt Lake City)

    I am curious what type of deal you were looking for on a first edition? I think the dealers are doing this intentionally so you can't transfer....They have just locked in their profits... There are now a few threads about dealers doing this....They know what they are doing. Since yours is a...
  2. My dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now!

    IDK....This actually sounds like a pretty cool build to me.... The dealer could just throw on some aftermarket 33"s and wheels and give this thing a totally different look....
  3. My dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now!

    Soooo dealers are putting in bogus orders that do not match what the person wants without their knowledge and Ford wont do anything about it? I missed that they called, but I have seen posts that orders are being put in that don't match what the person wanted. I dont understand how that is...
  4. My dealer used my reservation and ordered a Bronco without my knowledge, on hold with Ford customer care now!

    I'd be on the phone with Ford tomorrow and tell them what happened. I bet they let you switch. There is no way they would allow that to happen without your consent.
  5. Day 1 of Ordering Recap - Granger Ford

    Thanks!!! I'll be keeping you in mind for all future purchases and not just this one!!
  6. Everyone thinks the bronco sport is the Bronco.

    He was able to keep it!!!! Lucky guy.
  7. Questions for Non-Wrangler haters

    The 2.0 turbo with the etorque runs really well and much better than the 2.3. It also gets great mileage and I threw 35s on my jlu and barely noticed a power hit. The 3.6 is a different story.... The only death wobble I ever had was my xj with a bent front rim. My JKU and JLU have been great...
  8. Non-refundable $2500 deposit normal?

    I guess i they are going to get penalized if someone backs out a non refundable deposit is the way to do it
  9. Ordering 4 Door site unseen!

    Seriously...It's going to drive awesome. It is supposed to drive better than the Ranger and the Ranger drives really well. You shouldnt have any concerns about that. Worst case is you hate it and decide you dont want it, but that isnt going to happen.
  10. Cant decide between 35s and 33s on the Badlands 4 door

    For my 4 door JL the 33's that came stock just didnt look right. I ended up going to 35s. I really think the 4 door Bronco needs 35s to look cool. For my 2 door JL the 33's look perfect. Since you are going 4 door I'd say get the 35s and as mentioned just drop down to a 33 later down the road if...
  11. Drove a JLU Rubicon on 37’s with 2.0L eTorque

    The 2.0 with the turbo and the etorque setup works really well. I put 35s on my JL and it still feels better for everyday driving than than my 2.3 with 32s on the ranger. The JL also drives and feels much better than a JK. Jeeps have come a long way. The 4xe is going to be a monster if it is...
  12. Test driving 2-door Bronco today!! [False Alarm]

    It was worth a shot!! I would have done it too.
  13. Test driving 2-door Bronco today!! [False Alarm]

    the key words are "we dont expect these to last through the week"....That means they have some for sale. They are sports.....There is nothing else they could be...unless they are mustangs... He just updated the main page....they are sports..
  14. I'm out.

    That is a great looking truck!!!! What are the specs on the engine? I've got another year and 3 months ish wait...Crazy.
  15. Leveling kit (front only) is that okay? ...(wheel gap #s included, FYI)

    Agreed if it is 1 and 3/4" rake a 1" lift will be perfect. The less rake and higher stance will make it more prone to rollover. I'm planning on 33s aftermarket wheels with a larger offset so they stick out more to help reduce the rollover possibility. A 1 inch strut spacer should be in the 30...
  16. Almost $4000 price upgrade...

    So are we thinking that they are now adding the auto price into the b&P. I thought that we had informed Ford and verified that it was included with the 2.7 charge? I never believed it though.
  17. Is this for real...!?!

    Its going to get really interesting come order Anyone that doesnt have a price in writing is going to be unpleasantly surprised....
  18. What do you do when you don't want 35's on a daily driver...(Speedo Gear Changes)

    Yes, it will be software based and any aftermarket tuner will give you tire size options. Plus if you get an aftermarket tuner you'll be able to adjust other things as well. I plan on getting one. I'm going with a SAS and might buy 33's to use as a daily as well. My jlu with 35s rides great...