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  1. If I order hard top, do I also get the soft top?

    Does anyone know if the hardtop garage lifts can be the same one as the jeeps. With fittings and stuff like that. I just want to have it ordered before I get it so I can be ready. I have nightmares of taking off my wranglers Fiberglass with lining super heavy would take 4 of us to remove it. I...
  2. Is the Lux package really worth $2,300? Or is High the way to go??

    Im more of a tech geek then an off rode one. That and I use my phone a LOT while driving (work) so the small treats though out the day would def make the extra money worth it.

    I booked mine with Bob Knight Ford in Tulsa. I didn't know dealerships where offering discounts to order though them. What else makes me nervous is there's way more ppl in Texas then Oklahoma getting them which to me means that they will deliver to them first.

    I was so glad to see an Oklahoma club. I live in Tulsa. Cant wait to final it and get it in. Outer Banks 4 door. with lux package.