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  1. NoBigDeal

    Replacing the class II hitch

    First off, this thread doesn't have anything to do with the #3500 tow rating. I'm fully aware there's nothing you can do to change the number on the door. The biggest drawback from the class II, that I haven't seen many people talk about, is a mediocre #300-350 max tongue weight. I'm mainly...
  2. NoBigDeal

    Vinyl seats in daily driver

    I know this post is a few days old, but I wanted to clarify about King Ranch seats. They haven't been the good King Ranch leather in a long time. I know this is nit picky, but it is something that still chaps my ass even 8 years after I bought my King Ranch. My grandfather had a 2007 F150...
  3. NoBigDeal

    Guess what I just noticed...... b&p.........

    Jokes on you, it really is up.
  4. NoBigDeal

    Texas Members Roll Call

    Damn, there are a lot of Texans here. Stephens County for me
  5. NoBigDeal

    Dual fuel tank with 1,000 mile range

    I'd be happy with an extra 10 gallons. The only trouble is finding a manufacturer that makes them. All the big names I've seen only make diesel tanks. There's an Australian company that makes 30 gallon tanks for some Toyotas and Jeeps, but it requires an exhaust relocation to get them to fit.
  6. NoBigDeal

    Dual fuel tank with 1,000 mile range

    Ford also already offers different size tanks on some of their vehicles. However, One thousand plus mile range would have been an amazing optional feature that would have made a good bullet point on release material.
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    Ford. If you are reading this. Some suggestions before launch

    I know this post is a couple weeks old, but I wanted to say that this theory isn't really accurate. All trims, minus the Badlands and FE, have cloth seats which would be just as susceptible to climate as perforated seats are.
  8. NoBigDeal

    Dual fuel tank with 1,000 mile range

    I'd love this to be true, however we already know the fuel tank sizes. For this to be possible Ford would have to add a secondary tank that was considerably larger than the primary one.
  9. NoBigDeal

    2 door rear seats NOT removable

    This is disappointing. I have no issues grabbing some tools and yanking the rear seat out myself. The concern I have is with any electronic nannies that will need to be bypassed, if there are any.
  10. NoBigDeal

    Spotted: Sasquatch Broncos vs Modified Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Gladiator

    Those are the mildly annoyed eyes. On topic. Man, the two door bronco looks so much better than the 2 door wrangler.
  11. NoBigDeal

    Cooled Seats: The missing feature

    I think that's a moot point considering the leather wil be electronically adjustable.
  12. NoBigDeal

    Sport mode causing me to switch from badlands to wildtrak

    With Ford Performance planning to offer a tune package for the 2.3 Ranger I could very well see them do the same for the Bronco. It probably won't be 5-star numbers, but it won't void your warranty.
  13. NoBigDeal

    If you had to pick, Sasquatch or 2.7?

    2.7 You can always upgrade the wheels, tires, and suspension down the road.
  14. NoBigDeal

    First Bronco clone

    It Didn't take long
  15. NoBigDeal

    Bronco Questions? Ask a Ford dealer

    Will the Sasquatch have any special badging or decals like the Tremor does?
  16. NoBigDeal

    Removable hard top Vs. Modular hard top

    Any word on the soft top conversion over the driver/passenger area?
  17. NoBigDeal

    Removable hard top Vs. Modular hard top

    If it's similar to Jeep they have gutter/channel/lip on the rear section. I'm assuming it's something similar.
  18. NoBigDeal

    Removable hard top Vs. Modular hard top

    I thought this at first too, but I now think that modular means ease of attaching accessories to it.
  19. NoBigDeal

    Which trim for light offroading/camping?

    It's better to have and not need, than need and not have. However, all trims should be able to do whatever you want. Even though I'm sure it would work fine I would avoid the Wildtrack it will more than likely have a softer suspension designed more for going fast. Lastly it's kind of too...